MACE West Registration

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Important Dates

Con Preregistration ClosesMarch 21, 2017
Gaming Preregistration OpensJanuary 06, 2017
Event DatesMarch 24-26 2017

Convention Preregistration Rates

Regular Preregistration   
Full Weekend AdultAges 12yo+$25.00CLOSED
Full Weekend Child Ages 8yo to 11yo$15.00CLOSED
Sat ONLY AdultAges 12yo+$18.00 CLOSED

Convention At the Door Rates

Ages 12yo+/Adult 
Full Weekend At-the-door $40.00
At-the-Door Fri only$15.00
At-the-Door Sat only$20.00
At-the-Door Sun only$15.00
Ages 8yo to 11yo
Full Weekend At-the-door $25.00
At-the-Door Fri only$10.00
At-the-Door Sat only$15.00
At-the-Door Sun only$10.00

Register as a GM


Volunteer to Run Games
For All MACE events and Client events...
IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT Register for the respective event. Based on how much you run, you might qualify to get in free. For MACE events, see Volunteer Policy or GM Policy . FOr Client events, they usually agree to the run 3-get in free rule but outside of that, it depends on their individual policies.
(1) Make OGRe Account (if applicable)
(2) Log into OGRe and Make Event Proposal through OGRe .
(3) Once events are accepted & scheduled, you are registered for the con as a GM.
Contact for GM discounts (if you run less than needed to get in free) and gaming events/schedule questions.