Guests & Attending Pros

Charles White
Owner/Designer, Fabled Environments

Charles White has been involved with gaming ever since a high school friend brought a copy of the expert set of Dungeons and Dragons to school one day. Twenty years later, Charles still games on a regular basis and runs a game on occasion. Definitely not the typical gamer, Charles is a seminary graduate and holds two masters degrees, one with a focus in American Church History and the other is an advanced masters in the area of American Religion and Culture.

Charles and his wife Krista are co-founders of Fabled Environments, a cartography company that creates drop and play modern floorplans for RPG environments. Fabled Environments was nominated for a Ennie Award for Best Miniatures Product in 2007 for their work on the map entitled, All Saints Church and again in 2009 for their work on the map entitled, Casablanca: A Victorian-Inspired Mansion.

This year, Fabled Environments has begun to partner with other great game companies, such as Silver Gryphon Games, to provide great quality maps for some of their products.