Guests & Attending Pros

Neil Spicer
Paizo's RPG Superstar 2009

Born in the shadow of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountains, Neil Spicer started gaming in the early ’80s. His first foray into RPG design began with a simple fanzine devoted to Alternity’s Star*Drive and Dark.Matter campaign settings titled Action Check. Since then, he’s written a handful of D20 PDF products for third-party publishers and co-authored a softcover D20 Future supplement called the Future Player’s Companion through the Game Mechanics and Green Ronin. Neil somehow managed to survive Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2009 contest and emerged with an opportunity to write Realm of the Fellnight Queen, a Pathfinder Module released in February 2010.

After joining Paizo’s talented pool of freelancers, he followed that success with consistent contributions to their Pathfinder Adventure Paths, penning the Kingmaker adventure, Blood for Blood; the Serpent’s Skull adventure, Sanctum of the Serpent God; and the gothic vampire adventure Ashes at Dawn for the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. He also co-authored material to enhance the Pathfinder Campaign Setting in Paizo’s Guide to the River Kingdoms and recently-released Rival Guide. Neil returned to RPG Superstar in 2011 as a guest judge, helping select that year’s Top 32 competitors while offering unrivaled encouragement and feedback through every round of the contest. He joined Legendary Games with an interest in creating new, innovative products for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and looks forward to doing so alongside a team of industry veterans and rising superstars on the Legendary Planet campaign.