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ConCarolinas 2016 Survey Results

We appreciate those that participated in our first client survey on Facebook.  We plan to take these results and use them to help us improve things for future endeavors.  But I wanted to give you my perspective on what it all means.  This is primarily my perspective with 15+ years of experience, organizing gaming for 3 to 4 cons a year.  This year, we were involved in five events including our own. I have a lot fun doing them, whether they are as successful as MACE or not.  Gaming is our passion.  Giving more and more people an opportunity to game in different venues is something we love to do.  But we want to make it easy for people to decide to attend these venues.

For those that are not on Facebook, these are the survey and results as of the typing of this article:


Not only does JustUs Productions organize the great MACE events that you all love and enjoy, but we also organize gaming for a few local sci-fi cons. ConCarolinas and ConGregate are the two we currently work with.

For ConCarolinas 2016 (June 03-05, 2016). we would like to know, if you did not attend, what was the primary reason that kept you from coming?

The Results as of right now are…

Bad timing/Had other commitments for that weekend (but would otherwise have attended) 35
 Not a con I would normally attend/No interest 12
 Not my kind of gaming or not enough gaming was on the schedule  6
 Con fee too expensive  4
 Other, please explain in comments  4
 Too close to another con I attend (ie Origins, etc)  3
 Too far away  1
Hotel too Expensive  1

For a little background, ConCarolinas is a little more than just another client event that JustUs Productions decided to take on.  Jeff and I were personally involved in the formation and evolution of that convention in its early years.  Myself, I was heavily involved in the fandom side for a long time (2002 to 2012), holding positions of Con Chair and Vice Chair for several years.  I was also over gaming and at our peak, we had about 400 gamers regularly.  That all changed in 2012 when I left and CC went with someone else for their gaming.  It wasn’t until 2016 that we returned under a new agreement and found we had a lot of work to do to get CC Gaming back to what it was.  As for the survey, it is part of that effort to return ConCarolinas gaming to what it was.

In the end, more than half said poor timing, which tells us a lot.  For one, it means that some potentially will be able to attend if things line up better.  One of the worst things a con can do is change dates, especially after 15+ years in existence, so it is unlikely that CC will change its dates.  However, maybe those of you that answered “bad timing” will be able to attend in the future.

Those of you that answered “Not a con I would normally attend” or “No interest,” there is some in that group that may have a misperception of what ConCarolinas gaming was before we left in 2012.  During that time, it really was a small version of MACE, with a wide variety of gaming.  I realize that many of you would not normally attend a “sci-fi con’ or don’t feel like you fit in a “sci-fi crowd,” but at one time, ConCarolinas was more than that.  And it is something we would like to return to.  Now that I won’t have anything to do with the fandom side of the con, I hope we can get there.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  If you don’t like sci-fi events, than I don’t want to pressure you to attend in any way.  The point of this is clear up some misconceptions of what ConCarolinas was and what we want to return to.

Those of you that responded “Not my kind of gaming or not enough gaming was on the schedule,”  We can only assure you that we work hard every year to bring the most gaming of the best variety we possibly can to every event, but we can only give you what the community provides.  We rely 100% on the community to provide the GMs.  Encourage the GMs in your area of influence to look into our events and maybe run something.  For those events of ours that you do attend, you should by now know what we can provide given the right people and resources.  2016 was a building year for ConCarolinas gaming and if we return, it will only get better.

Anyone that answered having financials concerns, we understand and will be sure that the convention committee gets the same data.  They can only change that.  We can’t make promises for them.  All we can do is give them the data. Those of you that attend Origins, we can only hope that they change around their dates.  If they don’t, there isn’t much either con can do.

Again, we thank you for participating in the pole.  It was very helpful.

Space Movers at ConGregate 2016

Kevin & April Cox are the heart and soul behind KnA Games and creators of Space Movers, based locally in the Carolinas.  They will be at ConGregate 2016 on Saturday running demos of their crazy fun cooperative game, Space Movers.

About Space Movers

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Space Movers is a cooperative science fiction board game adventure. As a player, you become a crew member of the spaceship Liberty. Together, you and your fellow crew mates will complete a series of objectives to win the game. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a bit more to the game. Every turn, you lose a resource from the Resource Bar on the board. If this ever reaches the bottom, you will lose the game. The way to replenish resources is to deliver cargo. You’ll be burning resources as you travel around the board to make this happen. Still, not so hard. But…quite often the evil UO Scout ship will appear to chase you across the system in an attempt to interrogate one of your crew members and temporarily remove them from the game. Each time they show up, a UO Eye Marker is added to the planet the Liberty is located on and these are tracked by a UO Presence bar on the board. If this ever reaches the top, you lose the game. Now things are getting interesting. Just when you think you have everything under control, you draw an Event card that prevents you from being able to move Liberty or one that doubles the UO Scout ship’s movement on the board. So if you can manage all that and a few other surprises while completing those objectives, you win Space Movers!

Players: 2-7

Play Time: 1-2 hours

Ages: 14+

Space Movers

ConGregate 2016

July 15-17 2016
Geek Summer Camp
Radisson Hotel - High Point
High Point, NC

ConGregate 2016: Dragon Draft – Kickstarter Demo


ConGregate 2016 will be host to official demos of Dragon Draft, a card game that will soon be on Kickstarter.

Dragon Draft Card Game


A trick-taking, draft your hand card game. Team up to earn the most gems and reign victorious. Hunt the dragon, save the realm! “more details” Dragon Draft is a trick-taking card game where you get to draft your hand. Team up with a partner to earn the most gems to reign victorious as the Dragon Draft Champion! – Drafting – Instead of playing with the cards you are dealt, you get to choose the cards in your hand. – Partner Play – Rewards teamwork and player interaction – Play Again and Again – Many strategies to victory, every game is different. – Game is Ready to Print – It is play-tested and the art/graphic design is completed.

Back it on Kickstarter July 5 – August 9

ConGregate 2016

July 15-17 2016
Geek Summer Camp
Radisson Hotel - High Point
High Point, NC