2017 Q2 State of JustUs

Once again it is time for our quarterly posts about the state of JustUs.  Thanks for everyone’s support during our first quarter.  The return of mini-mace on January 28 was a resounding success!  We had the largest turnout for any mini-mace to date.  Many thanks to Jeff and the congregation of Bunker Hill for their generosity to allow us to use their space and kitchen.  Jeff and Karen were outstanding cooks and hosts.  It was a lot of fun. Expect another one in 2018 if not before.

At the time of this writing,  MACE West in Asheville, is a week away (March 24-26).  This will be the 7th year of MACE West and the 4th year we have been in Asheville.   I can’t say enough about the Asheville gaming community and how well they have welcomed us to their town.  The game schedule reflects that.  We are hitting similar numbers from last year so we expect a similar crowd in size.  We have a few different things as well as some of our traditional events.  We have run into a few other events bumping up against our same weekend, but that is unavoidable.  While we are disappointed, we wish them all the best.

Just as a reminder,  we are hosting regional tournament for the Settlers of Catan Championship held at Origins.  The winner will get a trip to Origins (travel paid for by JustUs and the rest handled by Catan Studios.)  Details can be found here.  We also have an Star Wars X-Wing tournament, Warmachine/Hordes and Heroclix as well as a great line up of historical miniature games brought to you by the Asheville Historical Wargamer.  We also have special live action demos of Tesseractive Live Action Fantasy Role Play and Combat as well as a whole array of over 150 RPGs on the schedule, including special events run by gaming writer John Watts from Gypsy Knight Games, and a playtest demos of a unpublished RPG currently being called Victorian Gothic.

Believe it or not, the summer in the Carolinas is just around the corner (despite second winter).  JustUs has already jumped into it with starting work on gaming for the sci-fi fandom convention ConCarolinas, one of our client events.  As we have stated before, ConCarolinas 2017 is moving to their old location which just so happens to be the same hotel that hosts MACE – the Charlotte University Place Hilton.  ConCarolinas is June 2-4, 2017 and we are developing a full slate of games for that event.  These include a World of Darkness LARP, a Mage Wars charity event, Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurers League.

Almost immediately after ConCarolinas will be Club MACE, the cruise that Jeff and his friends at Outlander Travel plan for those that can attend.   Club MACE is July 2 through 8, 2017 on Carnival Cruise Lines going to Nassau, Grand Turks and Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.  Club MACE is quite a unique experience and I highly recommend trying it out if you can afford it.  It’s so much fun to go on some great adventures with some great gaming friends and share amazing experiences with them outside of a gaming convention environment.

Immediately after Club MACE, JustUs Productions is slated to run gaming at another sci-fi fandom client event called ConGregate in High Point, July 14 through 16.  It is also the chosen location for the 55th Deep South Con.  We are currently revisiting our approach to that convention so stay tuned for that information.  It will be a more casual event but already planned will be Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, and a Star Wars X Wing Tournament.

After our summer convention season, planning for the 21st annual MACE gaming convention (November 10 – 12, 2017) begins in August.  We are working with some Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League writers to have a special MACE premier adventure for our D&D AL fans.  Additionally, we are working with some local Press Gangers to have a new Warmachine event as well as some new miniature games on the schedule.