2017 Q3 State of JustUs

2017 trudges onward and so does JustUs.  Thanks for everyone’s support during our first quarter.  The primary event for Q2 was MACE West.

This was the 7th year of MACE West and the 4th year we have been in Asheville.   I am very proud of the results.  It was a great weekend of gaming and fellowship with my fellow gamer friends.  We had a good turn out for just about everything.  You can see my report here.  Next for us is one of two client events – ConCarolinas.

A  sci-fi fandom convention with gaming, ConCarolinasgaming schedule is all but complete.  We struggled with the reduction in space with the move to the new hotel, but I think we worked out a good schedule despite that.   This year ConCarolinas 2017 has moved to their old location (which just so happens to be the same hotel that hosts MACE) – the Charlotte University Place Hilton.  A good mix of RPGs, board/card games and miniature games are on the schedule.  This to highlight include

Almost immediately after ConCarolinas will be Club MACE, the cruise that Jeff and his friends at Outlander Travel plan for those that can attend.   Club MACE is July 2 through 8, 2017 on Carnival Cruise Lines going to Nassau, Grand Turks and Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.  Club MACE is quite a unique experience and I highly recommend trying it out if you can afford it.  It’s so much fun to go on some great adventures with some great gaming friends and share amazing experiences with them outside of a gaming convention environment.

Immediately after Club MACE, JustUs Productions is slated to run gaming at another sci-fi fandom client event called ConGregate in High Point, July 14 through 16.  It is also the chosen location for the 55th Deep South Con.  We are currently revisiting our approach to that convention so stay tuned for that information.  It will be a more casual event but already planned will be Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, and a Star Wars X Wing Tournament.

After our summer convention season is our 21st annual MACE gaming convention (November 10 – 12, 2017).  Planning has already begun.  We are working with some Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League writers to have a special MACE premier adventure for our D&D AL fans.  We are working with a local group to have a possible Escape Room as well.  Warmachine/Hordes will return along with a larger Star Wars X-Wing event.  Malifaux, Pathfinder Society, and many more of our usual events will be on the schedule.  Please note that we are working with the hotel this year to help them with a client that comes in right after us.  So things may get shuffled around Sunday afternoon but it shouldn’t effect too many of you.  Due to this shuffle, I am moving some things around to make it easier on Sunday.  Pay close attention to new announcements as well as new layouts when they come out.