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ConCarolinas 2018: Empire Games Demos

Empire Games will be attending ConCarolinas 2018, demoing their game I Drank What? and more.   You can sign up in OGRe to arrange for a demo anytime during the weekend.  Just contact them via OGRe. Be sure to register for the convention using the special JustUs Productions rate.

In I Drank What?, it is the party of the year, and all your worst enemies have been invited. You have brought along a bottle of poison to help spice the evening up. Funny, so did all the other guests. With all the witty banter and bumbling of the staff, you have lost track of which glasses of wine were poisoned.

The only thing certain is that someone is going to die, and the survivors will have a good laugh. It’s all in good fun, so long as you have the last one. So propose a toast, and drink as if there were no tomorrow, because, for you, tomorrow may never come.

I Drank What? is the fast and furiously funny card game of poison toasts and split-second treachery. It’s a wine tasting to die for…

Game Play
Each player has a card representing a glass of wine, face down in front of them; one of these glasses is poisoned. Eventually, everyone will have to take a drink, and someone will die. The last person left alive in the party wins.


ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.

ConCarolinas 2018 Special GM: Robert H. Hudson

JustUs Productions is proud to announce that the talented  Robert H. Hudson will be running some games at ConCarolinas 2018.  He will be running Pulp Hero. You can sign up for these games in OGRe.  Be sure to register for the convention using the special JustUs Productions rate.

Robert Hudson is a freelance writer whose work for HERO Games, in their Pulp Hero line, has been nominated for the prestigious ENNIE Award twice: Masterminds and Madmen in 2006 and Thrilling Places in 2007. Additionally, he’s written for HERO Games’ house e-magazine, Digital HERO.

A product of the early years of tabletop RPG gaming, he started in 1976 when there was only Dungeons & Dragons and hasn’t stopped since. Mundanely, he’s a reference librarian for a large Alabama-based law firm. He and his wife Mary Ann are married with dog and celebrate their sixteenth anniversary together this year.


Robert’s Games


Title: The Tor-Ak Mob

System: Pulp HERO 6th Edition

Synopsis: A band of renowned adventurers become aware that there’s a new mob in town when a series of bizarre robberies take place. Can they successfully investigate the latest criminal group to seek power in New York? Will they see past the trappings of the outré gang to the truth of the matter, or will they fall prey to the brutal stone-age tactics of… The Tor-Ak Mob?


Title: The Warlord of Fractum Space

System: Space Pulp HERO 6th Edition

Synopsis: The crew of the Stellar Patrol Ship Valorous have been tasked with investigating and halting the string of robberies and other crimes committed by the self-styled Warlord of Fractum Space. How does he strike in one star system, and only days later, in another on the far side of the Stellar Union? Why can no guards or defenses deter him? Have the crew of the Valorous finally met their match in… The Warlord of Fractum Space?

ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.

ConCarolinas 2018: Mage Wars Charity Tournament

JustUs Productions is proud to announce a special Mage Wars tournament run by the local Mage Wars crew, lead by Ben Burton.  This will be a swiss round Mage Wars tournament to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. $10 gets you in. Prize support and great matches included.

Preregister for this event in OGRe.  You must be registered for ConCarolinas 2018.  Be sure to register for the convention using the special JustUs Productions rate.

About Mage Wars

Mage Wars is a fantasy tabletop wargame. Mage Wars was first developed in 2007 by Bryan Pope and was released in 2012 by game publisher Arcane Wonders. Mage Wars is normally played as a battle between two Mages, although there are an additional set of rules that allow for more players.

ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.

ConCarolinas 2018: Preview of The Halls of Arden Vul, a mega-dungeon

ConCarolinas 2018 will feature a preview of The Halls of Arden Vul, a megadungeon by Expeditious Retreat Press. Run by the Designer, Richard Barton, he will be running it in old school AD&D first edition.

You’ve been contacted by Calpurnia the Quiet, a well-known mage in the College of Macrina, about a special operation. Calpurnia claims to have discovered the location of the fabled Gemini Blades deep within Arden Vul, the ancient underground imperial city abandoned a millennium ago during the War of the Sortians and Theosophs. As all scholars know, the Gemini Blades were the possessions of the legendary hero-twins Thekla and Taticus, known for slaying a troll in defense of their family. Calpurnia assures you that great riches are to be found in the Twins’ tomb, and in those of neighboring Archontean nobles; all can be yours, save for the Blades themselves, which she intends to present to the Emperor as a gift. Enticed by visions of coin and magic, you’ve agreed to her offer.

Calpurnia has teleported you into one of the few known locations within the vast, empty halls of Arden Vul, and has provided you with both a sketch map of the region and a set of rough guidelines on how to find the Tomb of the Twins. She is ‘fairly certain’ that the Twins’ tomb is one of those set into the south wall of the Drowned Canyon, and ‘absolutely certain’ that it was ‘delved right next to the tomb of Phocius Tricotor’. Finding the right tomb may take some time, as many of the elites of the old empire delved their tombs into the walls of the canyon. Since Arden Vul is filled with dangers, including a dangerous tribe of trolls, she’s given you a token of recall, one that will activate from the location into which you teleported after exactly 8 hours. That means that you’ve got 8 hours to find the tomb, loot the Gemini Blades, and get out with as much loot as you can!

This scenario is designed for 1e AD&D. Pre-Gen characters (6th to 8th level) will be provided. It takes place within a small section of the Halls of Arden Vul, a megadungeon to be published by Expeditious Retreat Press in 2019.

ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas 2018 Official Call for Game Masters!

ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

As announced previously, ConCarolinas has once again contracted JustUs Productions to run gaming for their sci-fi con this year.  CC2018 will be upon us in a short amount of time and we are very excited to have another great weekend of gaming in Charlotte. If you want to run games at ConCarolinas 2018, make your proposals now on the OGRe site…


To make a Proposal for ConCarolinas, just change the con on the first screen to ConCarolinas 2018 if it is not already set.  You will have to do that for each proposal since OGRe is still in MACE West mode.

PFS will be handled by Nathan Littlefield and D&D AL will be handled by Tim McCrary. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me on FB.

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.

MACE West 2018 Gaming Coordinator Report

The 8th annual MACE West has come and gone.  I keep telling people that they need to stop having so much fun at these things because we have to quit at some point.  I am not doing this until I am 60 (I turn 50 next year).  MACE West turned 8 this year which means we are 2 years from 10.  That even closer to 25 for MACE.  This is mind boggling because I had no idea we would last this long.  MACE West this year was much like last year.  Some remained the same while some evolved and changed with the community. Every year, we try to adjust based on what happened the previous year, and sometimes it works while other times, it doesn’t.  This year was no different.

The biggest difference was the time change.  And I am not just talking about Daylight savings time.  We moved MACE West 2 weeks earlier in March, mostly because it kept landing on my anniversary.  While some folks may not celebrate that after 15 years of marriage, if you knew my wife and the struggles we went through, you would understand why we do.   We just about had to move Heaven and Earth for this to happen however.  Other conventions – namely ShushCon and CafCon – agreed to move their dates around so that MACE West could happen on the weekend we chose.  Thanks to them and the overall community for their willingness to work with us.

In terms the games and events on the schedule, it was right around the same as last year, maybe a little down. Fewer miniature game events, more scheduled board games and demos.  I was struggling to get enough RPGs but some new and old friends stepped up to fill some slots.  I was reasonably pleased by the week before the convention.  Although we did not have any major tournaments aside from the X-Wing event, I was happy where things were.  One of the best things about the schedule was that we went from 4 Savage Worlds games on SSN to 7.  I was very happy with that.

In terms of turn out, I was also happy with most everything.  Organized play seem to struggle.  The X-Wing events were a slight disappointment.  But outside of that, every thing else was pretty busy. Once again, the weekend was a blur to me.  2 out of three games of mine made and I had a blast with both of them.  Most of the games on the schedule made and there were also many pick-up games where they could find room.  The few disappointments were mostly tables that did not make because players did not show.  Either they could not make the convention last minute or they were doing something else.  There were not a lot of those but some.

We did not have many big events, however.  One X-Wing tournament that had 6 people.  So we can safely label it the KISS weekend.  We kept it simple.  Just games.  Scheduled, pick-up and anything in between.  I allocated certain tables as open games as well as open demos, and those stayed busy all weekend.  I gave more scheduled board games round tables and those stayed busy.  Burghley A, where I used to have Warmachine and other miniatures, was redesigned to have more board games on rounds.  That room was loud which to me means it was busy.

The two major complaints I got were (1) all the games are full and (2) the rooms are too loud.  My answer for #1 is either get your registration in earlier or run games yourself.  Those are the only two ways to guarantee you will have a game.  My answer to #2 is not as simple.  It’s the GMs and the players that are making the noise.  Jeff and I talked about ways we can help with that but in the end, the GM and the players have to police themselves.

From a numbers perspective, this year very much felt like last year.  I don’t know the true numbers yet but it felt close to what it was last year.  We took even further steps to manage the pick up games and balance that with the scheduled games. I think it was even more successful than last year.  I was very pleased with the board game room, no small thanks to James Doster and No Ordinary Gamers.  Many thanks to the Asheville Historical Wargamers for all their hard work and very cool events.  Thanks to Double Exposure Envoys for the play to win games and all the great demos by Jessica Paxton.

A little story that started at the end of MACE West and has continued on this week…

While I was packing up, a guy comes up to me and says “Are you Ron or Jeff?” Apparently someone told him to look for us. I told him who I was and he identified himself as a Firefighter and a Make a Wish volunteer. He just so happened to be staying in the hotel for another reason and saw us packing up.  He thought we could help with a dilemma. He represents a child who has placed a Wish to make something in HermitCraft which is apparently a Minecraft server.

I know Minecraft only through my son, who plays it like a mad-man. But I know a millennial at work that might know more. He gave me his card. Adam Howard is the guy I know and he was kind enough to contact this volunteer. Apparently the Hermitcraft server is a big Youtuber server for Minecraft and all this kid wants is to build something on that server.

Adam has contacted those Youtuber on that server and I am hoping that this will go viral from there. I am going to update this group as things develop but this could only happen because of MACE West and the kindness of both tabletop and computer gamers!

Other highlights for me included the folks from Smart Iguana Games demoing Gravity Warfare, gaming with DM Scotty and his family, a damn good game of Star Trek Ascendancy, and the laid back weekend of good gaming for everyone.  Thanks to all the GMs that made it special, and those that stepped out to fill various slots that needed to be filled.  I only have 3 GMs cancel and those were easily managed because of good people.

Thanks to Jeff, his family and friends for all the work they do.  Thanks to all the GMs for their hard work and dedication to our event.  Thanks to James Becker, Michael Tracey, Bill Boivin and Tim McCrary for their hard work in organized play.  Thanks to industry pros Clint Black, Robert Hudson and Mike Yow for attending and gaming with us. MACE West is one of my favorite events to do every year.  It is just the right size that I have a lot of fun with little to no stress.  The community is very welcoming and it doesn’t hurt that the mountain views are astounding.

Thanks again for everyone and I hope to see everyone back for MACE West 2019 as well as MACE  2018 in November!




ConCarolinas 2019 Gaming Information

ConCarolinas has a long tradition of providing tabletop gaming for attendees.  From Tabletop RPGs to Board Games and more, ConCarolinas wants to provide an exceptional weekend for gamers. ConCarolinas Gaming Schedule can be found on OGRe

How do I register for games?

First you must be registered for the convention.  Go here to do that.

Once you have done that, be sure you have an OGRe account.  You can do that by going to OGRe and making an account.  It will be inactive at first. Then contact JustUs Productions with the Subject Line “Activate OGRE account” and please include the name and email address of the account you wish to activate. Once we verify your convention registration, we will manually activate and you will get notification of that fact.

Want to run games?

If you wish to run a non-organized play game, you can make a game proposal by going to http://ogre.justusproductions.com and propose a game for ConCarolinas (be sure to pick ConCarolinas out of the list of cons before you submit your proposals, as JustUs Productions organizes multiple gaming events).  We accept any type of tabletop gaming – board/card/war games, miniature games, and RPGs.

For Organized Play games (PFS, D&D AL, etc), contact JustUs Productions to get instructions on how to sign up for Organized Play Games.  Be sure to place ConCarolinas Organized Play in the subject line.

To get in free, it is the RULE OF 3: If you want to be a GM, running 3 sessions (12 hours) will get you in free to the convention.  Here is the GM Call post on Justus Productions site

What are the Game Slots?

JustUs Productions, as the tabletop gaming provider for ConCarolinas, can accommodate any kind of game schedule with any of of slot length but we do establish a standard schedule for ease of reference.  Our standard schedule is 4 hour slots.  For Pathfinder Society (organized play), we have 5 hour slots.

Standard 4-hour slot schedule

Slot 1    Friday 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Slot 2    Friday 8:00 PM – 12:00 PM

Slot 3    Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Slot 4    Saturday 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Slot 5    Saturday 8:00 PM – Midnight

Slot 6    Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Slot 7    Sunday 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Pathfinder Society 5-hour slot schedule

Slot 1    Friday 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Slot 2    Friday 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Slot 3    Saturday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Slot 4    Saturday 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Slot 5    Saturday 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Slot 6    Sunday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Slot 7    Sunday 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

To stay in touch with our CC gaming plans on Facebook, join us here in our group or join our email group on our website.

ConCarolinas 2019

May 31-June 02 2019
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

OGRe 103: Updated Schedule Posters (MACE West 2018)

I have once again made some slight changes to the schedule posters that I want people to be aware of.  Here are instructions on how to read our schedule posters.  We understand it is a lot of information.  We are simply trying to convey this information the best way we know how for everyone interested. We are trying to reduce the amount of questions you need to ask me or my staff and provide you with an easy way to determine the three basics of convention gaming – what, when and where!

What are the posters?

Onsite, at the convention, we like to provide with easy means to see what is going on.  That includes printed schedules, online resources and schedule posters.  The posters are located at gaming registration and you can use the tickets to sign up if you don’t have online access at the con.  Please note that Internet access at MACE in Charlotte will not be commonly available to attendees unless they have a hotel room.


It’s the simplest means for people to see what is going on at the con.  We at the registration desk attempt to keep things updated on the posters as best as possible but it is not always 100% accurate.  it is a manual system and in some cases we do not have enough volunteers to always keep it up to date.

Find your game

The first thing you do is find the game you are looking for the Game Name/Game Title(Largest letters next to the game logo).  Each day is listed under a different colored header (Friday is light blue, Saturday is sort of a Pink/Light Purple, and Sunday is  Red.  Then each Start Time is listed on the left side, as you can see above (Friday 4:00 PM).  Games are listed by Start Time and ordered alphabetically by game name, but grouped by Game Type (Board/Card Games, RPGs, Miniature Games, etc).  You can see how long a game is (duration) by the Time Slot on the right of each row, listed with “When:”.

For regular one-shot RPGs (non-Organized Play), and other tabletop board/card/mini games, you can find the game name listed. However, for Organized Play, we list the scenario name since the game itself is a given .

  • DDEX & DDAL = D&D Adventure League, the organized play associated to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition RPG.
  • PFS = Pathfinder Society, the organized play associated with the Pathfinder RPG
  • SRM = Shadowrun Missions, the organized play associated with the Shadowrun RPG
  • CoC = Recently, the new Call of Cthulhu 7th edition has started an organized play campaign called Cults of Chaos.

Organized Play games traditionally require the player to provide the character although  there are pre-gens available online.  On the posters, Organized Play is listed under the RPGs segregated out by a yellow band denoting the specific organized play game (see above).

For regular or general play one-shot RPGs, the game is listed and the title is listed in blue on the line below it, right justified.  They also include seating boxes showing available seats for that game.

Above is an example of a variety of board games.  The title (in blue) is sometimes blank but sometimes list the type of demo, scenario or tournament that is being run.

Everything you need to know about the game is listed along the same top line from the Game Name.  Game Name (what), Location (Where in Green Text), and Time slot (When).  A note on slot length, we traditionally use Board

Check the Status Dots

Once you find the game you are looking for, check the dot icon.  That contains A LOT of information for the player.  Here is the basic meaning of each dot.

Before you attempt to sign up for a game onsite, take a look at this icon.  If it is full (red dot), we are only taking alternates for that game (and not all games do).  However, Alternates must be managed by you and the GM.  We don’t do anything special for alternates.  The GM is required to give every opportunity to those that signed up first.  We instruct them to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes after the session has started before accepting alternates.

The most important icon in that bunch however is the one we call the “target.”

For those games, you do not need to do anything other than go to the location of the game for whatever reason is listed in the message box.  Once change I have recently made is separate out many of these types of games from the others.  You will now see the following as further delineations for some games, particularly tabletop board and card games.

  • Open Demos/Open Seating
  • Touranments
  • Scheduled

Most Organized Play games are coordinated by a single person and you will need to find that person to find a table.  Most of the time, the coordinator will not be distinguishable from other GMs in OP because they are running games themselves.  You will have to simply ask us the name of the coordinator and ask around.

Other games with a “target” can be demos, or tournaments coordinated by other people as well.  Or the slot may be long enough for more than one game.  Or the coordinator of the game may have multiple copies.  Instead of trying to micro-manage all of that, we encourage the player to simply go to the location and work it out with the GM ro event coordinator.  An example above shows the Warmachine events.  They are targets because they are coordinated by a single person (list as the Host).


We show the state of the Organized play tables as of preregistration, however, unlike regular games, we do not keep up with the current state of organized play, as they are handled by the coordinator and can be more fluid other games.


Above is an example of organized play.  Notice that the full games and the open games have a “target” and the open seats of a question mark.   Do not expect to sign up at gaming registration for these games.  They are handled by the coordinator.  But this at least gives those interested in playing these an idea of what might be full and might have open seats still.  The later in the weekend we get, however, the less likely those seats will be open.

For other games with open seats (blank boxes), we ask you fill in the box with an “X” once your we sign you onsite.  We prefer you wait until after we verify that the poster is accurate (as we may not have had time to verify and update them, it is a manual process.)   Obviously, OGRe is the most accurate way to determine if the games are full or not but we supply the poster system so you don’t have to always rely on that.


Additionally, there is a notation that indicates preregistration overflow.  Above you can see an example of a game with a few overflow pre-registrations.  We won’t be  keeping up with this throughout the weekend but this at least gives you an idea of the state of the game at pre-registration and the likelihood you will get a seat at that particular game.

Filling out the ticket

Most people preregister online before the convention, which is why many of the games are full when you arrive.  If you are not fortunate enough to have that priviledge, you can sing up for whatever is left onsite, using the ticket system.

The only games you need to fill a ticket out for are those with limited seating.  No ticket is needed for open demos and open seating games.  No ticket is needed for organized play as they are coordinated by individual coordinators and they muster their tables onsite.  No ticket is needed for tournaments because they too are coordinated by a tournament director who musters the matches onsite.

For all others, do the following

  • Fill out this form with information for all the games you want to sign up for.
  • Quick Register: We need both OGRE ID Number and Event Number.  If you don’t have both, fill out the other information and you will get an OGRe Number.
  • OGRe Number is your OGRe ID Number (if you have one).  One will be made for you if you do not have one.
  • Quick Register is the one listed on the schedule, highlighted in Yellow on the posters.
  • Take the forms to the coordinator.
  • The Coordinator will confirm each game and sign you up. If a game is full, he or she will tell you.

Once confirmed, the forms can act as tickets for your games. GMs have been instructed to give priority to ticket holders. Hand the Ticket to the GM to show you preregister.  Once that is confirmed, the GM or you can do what you want with the ticket. Please show up on time.  These tickets are only good until about 5 to 10 minutes after the start time (GM’s discretion)

MACE West 2018: Clint Black & Flash Gordon RPG!

Clint Black will be running the new Savage Worlds Flash Gordon at MACE West 2018.

“He’ll save every one of us!”

On the rogue planet of Mongo, a brutal and sadistic tyrant named Ming the Merciless rules from his royal palace at the heart of Mingo City.

Secretly defying the emperor’s reign of terror are the Freemen, revolutionaries banded together from a number of kingdoms around the globe. From the winged hawkmen of Sky City to the ice giants of Naquk, from the water-breathing Coralians to the tree-dwelling Arborians, and from the nomadic lion men to the dwarfs of the Magnetic Mountains, many who have suffered under the drogiron fist of emperor Ming have united under their own standard to see that the despot is deposed and freedom for all becomes the law of the land.

Inspiring this growing rebellion are three aliens from Earth: Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dale Arden, and Flash Gordon, the man whose face emboldens all who wish to live on a world free of Ming!

The Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game core rulebook contains detailed rules for hero creation, new races, Edges and Hindrances, gear, rocket ships, unique Setting Rules, gazetteer of the fantastic world of Mongo, a Plot Point campaign, Savage Tales, and a host of heroes, villains, and horrific beasts for the Game Master’s eyes only!

Do you have what it takes to join the Freemen, defy the rule of Ming the Merciless, and become the savior of the universe?

About Clint Black

Clint Black is Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Savage Worlds is the Origins award-winning roleplaying game that is one of the most popular systems in the hobby. Clint also won a Silver ENnie at GenCon 2011 for Space 1889: Red Sands. Clint started as a freelance writer with Pinnacle over ten years ago, but his involvement grew significantly with the advent of Savage Worlds. He transitioned from a playtester on the original design team to the creator of one of the first and most popular books for the system (supervillain setting Necessary Evil, now in its third printing) to one of the designers and ultimately brand manager of the core rules. Along the way, he worked on multiple Savage Worlds projects, including the Horror, Fantasy, and Super Powers Companions, Weird War 2, Space 1889, and of course the landmark Pinnacle setting, Deadlands. Additionally, Clint serves as the face of Pinnacle on their forums, acting as the Official Rules Answer Man and administrator for years. He counts this opportunity to hang out and chat with fans online as one of the perks of the job.

He is married to multiple award-winning RPG editor Jodi Black and is the father of two awesome gamer daughters. In 2012, Clint Black won an Gold ENnie Award for Savage Worlds Deluxe.

Clint Black, along with his wife Jodi as well as Beautiful Brains Books and Games will be returning once again to run Savage Saturday Night.