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mini-mace 2020: THIS IS A GM CALL!

THIS IS A GM CALL FOR mini-mace 2020!

mini-mace 2020

January 25, 2020

Bunker Hill UMC. Kernersville, NC

With MACE and the Thanksgiving holidays behind us, we are getting ready for the return of mini-mace.  For those do not know, mini-mace (intentionally lowercase), is an official JustUs Productions game day in Kernersville.  We have pick up as well as scheduled games.  It’s fairly casual, smaller venue but always a good day of gaming.  We usually have food on site from the Grinning Goblin.  Attendance in the past has been between 60 to 100 people. I do realize not everyone can make it but those that think they can, please consider it.

For those that wish to propose scheduled games for mini-mace 2020, the best way to do that is through OGRe. Go to ogre.justusproductions.com.  Log in (Make an account if you don’t have one.) Click Propose Event on the left menu. We are accepting RPGs, board games, card games and anything else with a relatively small to medium sized foot-print.  Space for large miniature games is not available.

If you prefer to email me, please include as much information about your event as possible.  It is sort of a hassle to go back and forth with questions with so many GMs.  Include game name and any link that will explain the game and/or provide the description, especially if it is a obscure game.  Also include schedule preferences keeping in mind our standard 4 hr slot schedule (although you are not limited to that schedule).

Running at least one game gets you in free (although the fee is only $5).  We will be running 3 sessions for the most part.  For four hour slots, they will be

9 AM -1 PM

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

6 PM – 10 PM

Hope you can make it.

mini-mace 2020

January 25
Bunker Hill UMC
Kernersville, NC


I am later than I wanted to be in getting this info out, but those of you who know me would expect no less.

For CLUB MACE, here are links to the 2 places we are exploring at the moment. I am working on pricing that includes 3 excursions and 1 special dinner. The idea currently is for a 7-8 day event. For now, you can look at the spots we have in mind. Depending on the number of people who want to go, one or both of these choices may not work. But this will give you a good idea of the direction I am going and what I would like to do. The excursions include, The Blarney Castle, The Cliffs of Moher and a visit to a distillery. Here are the links for the lodgings.



Ballybur is in the Republic of Ireland with room for 24 and Lisheen is in the Republic of Ireland room for 14.

Soon, I will be asking for a $50 deposit per person to get some final estimates of interest. Once I have an idea of who will be going, we can start working on costs, travel, etc. Based on the 2 locations, the price with Lodging and excursions (no air travel or food included at this point) we are estimating between $1200 and $1800 per person.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest and patience. I will have more information on location and prices soon.

MACE 2019 Featured Tabletop Game: Berd

MACE 2019 is proud to welcome Michael Mikaelian and his game Berd.  He will be demoing his game most of the weekend as open demos in the Gallery.


About Berd

The “Berd” is an ancient word that stands for a fortress or prison. The goal of the game is to collect the most tokens of any color by the end of the game. Playing pieces in the Berd game have ability to attach/detach to each other. That allows players to move a stack of tokens like a single unit and split the structure when needed. Using interlocking blocks players can create towers and a certain type of tower – Berd has unique properties that make this game special.

The design of the game is specially made simple underlying an easy and logical concept of the game. However the Berd is a serious game and players have to think strategically to win. Also, the board without a theme allows to play many different Berd games.

The board of the Berd game has a shape of a square castle from top view. In fact the starting/finishing corner squares were designed larger for accommodating four stacks of tokens. Berd game can be played by two and more players. The game set includes two different games and over six game variations for each game. Berd game can be setup in few seconds. Duration of any option of the Berd game depends on how many tokens are played. So players can set up a rapid game of 10 minutes or a long game of 90 minutes. The Berd game for two players may last less than 5 minutes. Berd game can be adjusted for luck and strategy. By employing more tokens in the game it becomes heavier in strategy.

Berd game perfectly fits for tournaments because players can accumulate tokens (or points) in series of games with different players. The interlocking blocks in the “Berd” game are made of high quality ABS plastic with thick walls, so they can last forever without wearing and breaking. The Berd game is ideal for educating children, especially when using value assigned tokens. The game can also help developing strategic thinking.


MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE 2019: Vendor List

Here is a list of our dealers for MACE.  Let them know if you are needing anything specific.

A Sticky Obsession

Armor Class 10

Artlo Designs

Atlantic Dental

Becca’s Bits

Ben Mirabelli

Bronze Wolf Studio

Carolina Tabletop Games

Charles Wolfe

Cuddly Creations NC

Davey Beauchamp

Death Ray Designs

Halstead Leather

Impudent Mortal

Mercenary Art Ninja


Obsidian Caldera

Other World Mapper

Red Eye FX

Tabletop Envy

The Critical Dice

The Dice Hut

The Vatican Saint/Ravyn Raver

Unipolar Games

Unique Creations by Amy

Walt’s Cards

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE 2019: Grinnin’ Goblin Announcement

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood goblins are gearing up for MACE and we are super excited to see everyone in a few weeks!

We are making a major menu change this year and will not be offering sandwiches. We are sorry for any inconveniences but due to the changes in the University area and the decline in orders we have to adjust our menu selection.

We will still be there offering pizza, pasta, snacks, and drinks so come on by to Feed your Need!!

Will We have any gluten free options?  Yes we will!

How much pizza’s going to be this year?  We’ll post the menu when it’s finished.

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC


MACE 2019: Silent Auction

JustUs Productions is proud to announce there will be a Silent Auction at MACE 2019.  The Silent Auction will be taking place from Friday November 8th 5pm until 7pm on Saturday November 9.  Location to be announced on site.  Proceeds going to the NC Zoo and THAKO.

Here are some great items we will have in our charity auction and prizes for the Crafting Contest.  We want to thank James Floyd Kelly and Gerard at Shiftinglands.com for being part of MACE this year

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide

From: SHM Publishing
Reviewed by: James Kabbash

Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide is a new RPG Setting Preview Book from SHM Publishing.  The setting is being Kickstarted into a full length setting book – Savage Company campaign setting for Pathfinder and 5e

In reading through The Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide, I found that it offers an original game play opportunity that is seamlessly compatible with the Pathfinder Role Playing System. The integration of the two offers for a very unique experience that many other RPGs will not. Full of excellent support detail and development the background in this world is extremely unique. The obvious work put into this it is evident that the creators really came up with something potentially special.

From  page # 4:  “You are all worthless sacks of meat!”

From the very start, the developers weave the setting into being with a mix between a series of barked orders and an internal dialogue of Sarge, a platoon leader and drill sergeant of the new recruits for Savage Company. The obviously powerful and distinguished Orc controls the situation without questions which makes the reader that much more excited to go deeper and see what the Guide has to offer.

Once you delve into the Guide there is the introduction to the ‘city’ of Tombstone. I use quotes there as it is really a series of structures built in and around the main hub of the Savage Company. Within Tombstone we find everything a militaristic corporation could possibly need to carry out and on their mission. We are introduced to everything from barracks to saloons to a general store to a packed armory and garage. To go along with these locales is a colorful bevy of characters that really flesh out the community. The setting is well thought out and original.

Game system wise the introduction of new races is expertly done. Eight new races are introduced. The developers go deep into the physical and skill attributes of three of these new races. Specifically, the Baade and the ‘Savage’ Hobgoblin and Orc. They are expertly developed in both historical context and game mechanics. I would have liked equal attention presented to the other options besides just those three. The five remaining races are just glossed over which was rather unfortunate. What little is presented about the other five races is very intriguing.

There is also a very interesting offering new archetypes for every Pathfinder class. Some of these new paths are both exciting and would be excellent to roleplay. The trails to be followed to achieve these ‘specialty professions’ offer up the opportunity for some profound immersion into the world. Again, like the races referenced above, they only focus on four of the nineteen choices. When a more expanded version of this system is produced, I hope they will give each the attention to detail that the ones presented received.

The three new Feats introduced are very interesting in so far as they propose some nice steps outside the now well-known Pathfinder ones. Like the two paragraphs above, I would hope they have more like these to offer in a more expansive edition. I particularly liked these three options as they hint towards the possibilities of other original abilities that could hopefully be introduced.

The last thing I would like to visit is the equipment presented. Unlike more established futuristic systems like Shadowrun or Savage Worlds the weapons in this system are not named after current real-world manufacturers. Even though they use just the most basic of nomenclature for most of the weapons the statistics for what they represent is well offered.  There is a hinting of there soon to come vehicle types, customization and playability that is extremely exciting.

From  page # 4:  “Welcome to Savage Company.”

The art in this truncated guide is absolutely outstanding and really lends some boosts to the imagination. I am really looking forward to a larger in version of this work that will even further improve the excellent renderings. Also, throughout the Guide, there are sporadic ‘short -story’ type write ups that really give life to the setting, characters and classes offered. They are truly a good read and should not be glossed over.

The Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide has a lot to offer in the aspects of both originality and content.  A rich setting, including well thought our names and locales, detail a complex society. Intermittent short stories add to the overall development of the author’s vision. The artwork is excellent. It offers several new races as well as both interesting and well thought out archetypes for every Pathfinder class. These new class options offer some intriguing options for rousing character advancement as well as detailed role play. The weapon and vehicle descriptions definitely make the reader excited and can not wait to step into the armory or garage. The only criticism I can offer up is that the writing can be rough at times, but that can be overcome with some more thorough editing. An overall map of Tombstone would help the completeness of the guide. The unique world of the Savage Company will offer up both challenges and opportunities for some memorable table time.

For more details on Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide, it is available for free from DriveThruRPG.  As mentioned, they are also running a Kickstarter for a full setting book for both Pathfinder and D&D 5e.

MACE 2019: Clint Black of Pinnacle Entertainment Group

JustUs Productions is pleased to announce for MACE 2019, Clint Black will be running Savage Worlds Adventure Edition on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  More  details to  come.

Please see our gaming schedule through OGRe.  You must be registered for the convention to register for games.

About Clint Black


Clint Black is Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Savage Worlds is the Origins award-winning roleplaying game that is one of the most popular systems in the hobby. Clint also won a Silver ENnie at GenCon 2011 for Space 1889: Red Sands. Clint started as a freelance writer with Pinnacle over ten years ago, but his involvement grew significantly with the advent of Savage Worlds. He transitioned from a playtester on the original design team to the creator of one of the first and most popular books for the system (supervillain setting Necessary Evil, now in its third printing) to one of the designers and ultimately brand manager of the core rules. Along the way, he worked on multiple Savage Worlds projects, including the Horror, Fantasy, and Super Powers Companions, Weird War 2, Space 1889, and of course the landmark Pinnacle setting, Deadlands.  Additionally, Clint serves as the face of Pinnacle on their forums, acting as the Official Rules Answer Man and administrator for years. He counts this opportunity to hang out and chat with fans online as one of the perks of the job.

He is married to multiple award-winning RPG editor Jodi Black and is the father of two awesome gamer daughters. In 2012, Clint Black won an Gold ENnie Award for Savage Worlds Deluxe.

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC


MACE 2019 CraftCon Event Schedule UPDATED

Fri – 3:00 PM-6:00 PM: Painting with the Crafting Muse

Join us as we paint a miniature from start to finish. Vee will take us step by step into a world of creation. She won’t brush you off. With her guidance, she shows us that even the unskilled can paint. Miniatures donated by Crippled God Foundry. Paints supplied by PLAID.

Fri – 3:00 PM-6:00 PM: Building a Better Beholder

Wyloch is preparing a class to show how easy it is to create your own monster. Don’t be beholden to anyone but yourself as we learn how to build a Beholder from scratch. Supplies will be provided. Just bring your skills and a willingness to learn. Paints supplied by PLAID.

Fri – 7:00 PM-9:00 PM: Crafting Meet ‘n Greet

Meet your heroes of Crafting for a 2 hour fun filled time of Questions, Answers and Jocularity. They have come from far and near to pass on their sage advice and wisdom. Fall on your knees before the likes of these GIANTS among mortals: Scotty – The DM’s Craft; Vee – The Crafting Muse; Bill – Wyloch’s Armory; Daniel – 3D Printed Tabletop; Gareth – The dmg.info; Jim – The Tabletop Engineer; Jeremy – Black Magic Craft; Miguel – mz4250 (twitter and Instagram)

Fri – 9:00 PM-11:00 PM: 3D Printing Introduction

Spend some time with Daniel Herrero and Miguel Zavala as they discuss the ins and outs of 3D printing. Join us for a live demonstration with time for Questions and discussion. Printed parts will be made for our Gaslands miniature game on Saturday night.

Fri – 11:00 PM-1:00 AM: Gaslands: Prepping your vehicle

James Floyd Kelly will review Gaslands, discussing the rules and gameplay as we choose cars, pimp them out and get them ready for the Saturday Gaslands game. Matchbox/HotWheels style cars will be provided but with a limited quantity. Paints supplied by PLAID.

Sat – 9:00 AM-12:00 PM: Forged In Foam

A chance for the attendees to show their skills. This contest is different from last year. In 2018, you had 22 hours to design and build terrain. This year, you will have approximately 3.5 hours to design and build a miniature diorama. Each contestant will randomly choose a miniature. Your diorama must be representative of the chosen miniature in design and construction. There is no cost to enter, but seating is limited. Only 16 slots are available. The winners will be judged by a select and secret group of professionals. Rules and Diorama Requirements will be revealed at the start of the contest. Prizes will be awarded. Paints supplied by PLAID. Additional Supplies Provided by THE ARMY PAINTER.

Sat – 2:00 PM-6:00 PM: Iron Chef: Craft Masters, The Guild Build, The Master’s of Crafting Craft-Off

Heavy is the head that wears the Foam Crown! Scotty, Vee, Gareth, Bill and Jeremy go head to head in this crafting Challenge. It is time to crown a leader among the masters. Someone to wear the crown of victory and to lord over the others with comments like, “Ha, Ha I’m better than you”, and “wow, yours looked so good, I don’t know how I won”.
So, who will win this test of skill? Who will become the greatest terrain master of the next few weeks? How long before some serious smack talk begins? Who will be victorious? Time, 4 hours of it, will tell. Come join us at MACE and see! Paints supplied by PLAID. Additional Supplies Provided by THE ARMY PAINTER.

Sat – 7:00 PM-9:00 PM: Sculpey Class

Charles Wolfe will show folks how to sculpt dungeon tiles. This 2 hour class will give you time to play with Sculpey and ask questions on carving techniques, mixing colors, painting and more.
Modeling material provided by SCULPEY

Sat – 9:00 PM-11:00 PM: Molding Class

Atlantic Dental Supply will show us how to create molds and cast terrain. We will use one of Charles’ tiles for our casting. This is a great opportunity to learn how to cast and create your own terrain. Supplies provided by ATLANTIC DENTAL SUPPLY.

Sun – 11:00 AM-3:00 PM: Bob Ross Painting with Mathew

Painting fun with happy little trees and Mathew. Have you ever wondered what was just over the hill in a Bob Ross painting? Well now we know….Dragons and other wonderful creatures. Join us as we learn there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. Materials will be provided, just bring your painting hand.


MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC