The Dryden Experiment

We are happy to give you guys and gals a chance to try out a new game from the Dryden Experiment.   Dryden, along with MoatCon, have sent us a link for you to download there newest card set.   So take a look and let us know your thoughts.   Special thanks to Russell at MoatCon for including us in this opportunity!  here is the info and link from Dryden.




This is the download link to their Big Damn Dryden game. It’s their preview version.–Introduction-Version

Blurb about them and what their doing

The Dryden Experiment is a set of fiction universes built by many creatives and made available for general use by the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA license. Anyone is welcome to use any materials from the universe for their own creative projects on two conditions.

1. They must identify that the materials they are using are from the Dryden Experiment. Where reasonable, they should identify the individual who did the original work.

2. Anything locations, environments etc. created using Dryden Material must also be made available under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA license  for use by others.The vast changes in the technologies and markets has broken down the boundary between those who create fiction and those who love it. We don’t wait for agents to call. We don’t send our materials away to get lost in slush piles. We do the work we love in the way we love.

If working cooperatively to build and promote awesome, vast universes built on the talents of dozens of artists, authors, videographers, game designers, and others creative types, sounds pretty amazing, then join the Dryden Experiment.

Welcome Rebel!