5 Simple tips to make your MACE experience easier

(1) Print your own schedule and/or tickets. See the this link

(2) Check your email before you leave for the con for any cancellation notifications.

(3) Realize that the schedule posters, the table signs and the room signs are all a physical system and can’t change dynamically. We try to update the posters as often as possible. However, for example, if OGRe is showing a game full and we have not updated the posters, then that just means we have not had a chance to update the posters.

(4) If in doubt, check OGRe. It’s remains live all weekend, so people could be signing up anytime. If you have a means to check it – Tablet or Laptop work best- use it first before you use the physical system of writing stuff down on tickets and handing them to us. It just makes things easier for everyone. Caveat: Phone was left out of the above list because we do realize that OGRe is not 100% mobile friendly and totally own that. If all you have is a phone, it’s fine to come to gaming registration first.

(5) Understand that Data Entry Errors happen. We have to keep up with over 400 games, 150+ GMs and their preferences, needs and schedules, and present them as simple and fast as we can. There is just one person entering this data in and that person also has a real job, three kids, a very tolerant and patient wife and other things to deal with in life. So don’t be surprised, exasperated, or frustrated if an poster entry, table sign entry or room sign entry might seem wrong.