77 Thrones – The Theological Codex

77 Thrones – The Theological Codex
From: RAW Immersive Games
Reviewed by: Joey Martin

77 Thrones- The Theological Codex is a new RPG supplement for Within the Ring of Fire from RAW Immersive Games.

Magic, a major concern missing in the Within the Ring of Fire main book is delivered to gamers in this book. Rules on making magic wielding Catalysts and descriptions of all 77 of the divinities make this a much-needed addition to the game.

From the back cover: “Learn the names and secrets of those that sit on the Thrones of Divinities.

In the lands of K’Vega-Thale a divinity is not necessarily a God or Goddess. There are 77 thrones for the divine. Most are Gods and such, but dragons, powerful spirits and more make up the remainder.

As with the Within the Ring of Fire Saga book, this work is fantastic looking. Well laid out and illustrated for the most part, it is an impressive looking work.

Building upon character creation and advancement, a Catalyst has to spend some of their advantage points to become a caster. This is called the Cleric’s Calling. There are three basic types of Clerics – Druids, Priests and Shaman. Each type has a minimum skill requirement. A Catalyst picks a Divinity to worship or serve. Each Divinity may not have all three types of Clerics. Under the Divinity description there are further minimum requirements. Your Catalyst has to be determined to follow this path, as they will be giving up a small amount of flexibility to do so.

Each type of Cleric has a listing of rituals. In this section there are no descriptions of how to acquire these rituals. Under the Divinity descriptions chapter there is a note stating that when a Cleric achieves the listed Status (level in most games) they automatically receive the rituals of that level.

A selection of Precepts is also given. These would be called ‘Domains’ in other games. A note in the text preceding the descriptions states that allowed Precepts are listed in the Divinity description. It is not. There is a note that Ahriman controls the Precept of Darkness and all his children have access to it. There is also a color-coded list of the Divinities on pages 26 and 27. I assume this list tells you which Precepts are allowed for Clerics of that Divinity. The legend to that color-coding is missing, at least in my review PDF.

Most of the book consists of entries on the Divinities. A dearth of information is given, making this a wonderful addition to anyone wanting to Flame Tend or play a Catalyst in this game. The only problem here is that they are listed in order of throne number and not alphabetical order.

The main rulebook mentioned Warlocks. They were described as dangerous and a threat to all that lives. They make their appearance as the Clerics of Ahriman, the Shadow King. In addition to rituals, Warlocks get access to maledictions. These guys are the definition of evil in this setting.

A short addition gives Catalysts a few more advantages to choose from. Only seven are given and a few are Warlock only.

From the back cover page 6: “Clerics are the servants of the divine. They create holy sites, build churches, preach to the believers, and attempt to recruit new followers for their divinity.

In conclusion, this is a much-needed addition to the main rulebook for the Within the Ring of Fire game. If you play or are interested in playing the game, this is almost a necessity. If you are looking for an interesting and different set of deities for your homegrown campaign, this is a good option. A few flaws such as the list of allowed Precepts for each Divinity and some organization issues do not ruin the experience.

For more details on RAW Immersive games and their new RPG supplement “77 Thrones – The Theological Codex” check them out at their website http://www.youtube.com/user/woodwwad or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RawImmersiveGames , and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 14

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77 Thrones – The Theological Codex
From: RAW Immersive Games
Type of Game: RPG Supplement
Written by: Ander Wood
Cover Art by: Alex Guillotte
Additional Art by: Andrew Bampton, Alex Guillotte, Tilen Javornik, Aleksander Kostic, Sebastien Allard, Ed Cawlo, Jennifer Irene Gordon, Lindsey Douglas, Tim Harper, Jessica Pink
Number of Pages: 184
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Reviewed by: Joey Martin