micro-mace Gaming Meetups

In an effort to not only expand the MACE brand but also provide ways for local game stores to work with us in cross promotions, JustUs Productions is establishing (based on an excellent idea from Spandex City) the micro-mace program. The flagship event for this new program was organized by Spandex City in Charlotte, NC.

The basic concept of micro-mace was inspired from our mini-mace model. It is a smaller mini-mace. Where mini-mace is a full day of game, with food and scheduled games, micro-mace might be 6 to 8 hours in a hosted location with scheduled and unscheduled games, depending on the host’s preference. They can be weekly events, monthly events, or one time events. It’s totally up to the host.

After a short test period with Spandex City and X-tra Ball Ice Cream, we have opened this opportunity to anyone else willing to host them.

Any game store or gaming club can apply to run a micro-mace event, hereby referred to as the Host. The Host must have a location picked out and it must be open t the public. Food for the attendees is an element we like to have at all our events but it is not a required thing. It’s totally up to the Host.

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