All JustUs Events: We are seeking DM for Adventures in Filbar (D&D 5e)

JustUs Productions and the publishers of Adventures in Filbar are working together to run as many of their adventures as possible at all our events.  We are seeking D&D 5e DMs willing to run any of the adventures they have available on DriveThruRPG.  The adventures will be provided.  Free swag will be included.  A usual package is the adventure(s), pre-gens, swag bags for the players, dice/dice bag for the DM.  This includes MACE West 2018.  The more we run, the more swag we get.  If you are interested in running these adventures, please contact the gaming coordinator.

About Adventures in Filbar

Traveling through Filbar is not for the faint of heart, it requires a special type of person to risk their safety so easily.
-Duchess Lytena of Filbar, IR 487 (A quote from the Royal Book of Filbarian History)

Hi, welcome to Adventures in Filbar! We are a small, independent company that makes adventures and settings from our various homebrew campaigns. Our mission is to provide you with inexpensive and enjoyable options for your own campaign. While we certainly invite you to try our campaigns, we have made them general enough to pop into your own campaigns.

Our adventures are primarily written under 1st/2nd edition and 5th edition rules. We have tried to categorize our offerings by lettering as well as color (recently). The original ruleset are listed under the F, FN, FP, FQ, FD, FO, FA, and FS series. The others are made for the most recent (5th) style. Minor modifications can be done to convert the adventures to either edition for your enjoyment! The color scheme is new but we have been trying to set them as follows:

Grey-free offering
Yellow-lower level (1st-3rd)
Red-mid level (4th-6th)
Blue/Green-higher levels
Purple-very high levels
We appreciate your feedback and reviews as we actively seek to improve our products. Feel free to reach out to us at Twitter @FilbarRPG and get advanced notice on sales and special offers!