Attending Pros: Robert Burke & Stephen Avery

MACE 2015 is proud to have attending two renowned independent board game publishers, podcasters and enthusiasts – Robert Burke and Steve Avery.

Robert Burke is an independent board game designer from Belmont, NC. His published games include Cartoona, Cartoona: The Expansions and Gnomes: the Great Sweeping of AmmowanBattle For Souls, which pits the forces of heaven vs. the forces of hell and Draco Magi, which is co-design with Richard Launius (designer of Arkham Horror).

Stephen Avery is a Ameritrash game lover, gaming podcaster,  Dice Tower Contributor, co designer of Nothing Personal, and general miscreant. In the past year he has been working on a few game projects, some are farther along than others.   These include Dart Gun Desperados (an action selection dart gun game);  Evil Masterminds  (Co designed with Richard Launius. Evil masterminds compete to complete their nefarious plans. It is a card game with a deck building mechanic; Anarky Road (A mad max card driven game); Development work on Jim Reed’s dungeoncrawl card game; Shadowfist the Board game (a pet project of Zman).

Be sure to check them out and what they are playing all weekend at MACE 2015