From: R&R Games
Reviewed by: Barry Lewis

“Let’s see…it’s a dexterity game with magnets.  Must buy IMMEDIATELY!”  Yep you guessed it.  It’s time to delve back into the world of “flicky” games.  Normally this game would not have “blipped” on my radar if it wasn’t for my two year old discovering how cool magnets are.  So it was just “kismet” that I would come across the game AttrAction.

This is not a very long review because this game is very simple to learn and plays very quickly, but it’s still lots of fun.  The basic idea is whoever “attracts” the most magnets at the end of the game wins!  That’s it. That’s the game, but for the sake of having a somewhat longer review let’s just take a quick look at the rules and the pros and cons of the game.

At the beginning of the game each player will take 1 magnet from the 25 magnets provided.  You’ll then spread the rest of the magnets, standing on their short end if possible, on the table.  Pick who will start the game and that person will then place on the table and flick the magnet given to them in the hopes of attracting the other magnets.  The idea is to create a “cluster” or group of magnets.  If this happens you will take that cluster for yourself.  If you happen to make more than one cluster you can only take one cluster and leave the others for the other players.    If you happen to shoot and hit nothing then your magnet that was just shot remains on the board with the others.  If you shoot your magnet off the table or it knocks or pushes another magnet(s) off the table then the magnet(s) goes to the player on your left.  If you find yourself without a magnet to shoot then you may take one off the table and shoot it. That’s it!  Short and sweet.  Most dexterity games don’t take very long unless you’re playing a game like Pitch Car.

Here’s what I like about the game.  It’s easy to learn, easy to play and is portable.  R&R Games even provides a little cloth bag to keep the magnets in.  The game can be played basically on any flat smooth surface.  I also like that it’s noisy, even though this reason finds its’ way into the negatives section as well.  I like the clicking and clacking the magnets make when they cluster.

Now, for every positive there’s a negative (a little magnet humor for you).  The main negative is the magnets are small so you must supervise very carefully when playing with younger children.  Nothing ruins a game night more than having to take your child to the ER because he or she decides they need more magnets in their diet.  Usually before the game I count and make sure all 25 magnets are accounted for and I count again after the game to make sure all 25 magnets are still there.  Also beware of tables with metal in them.  Since these are magnets the metal will affect gameplay.  In addition, be careful where you put the game.  Keep the magnets away from sensitive electronics.  So don’t forgetfully throw them into your laptop bag on the way out the door for game night.  The last problem is they’re noisy!  Depending on where you play you may very well disturb other people with the noise.

I still enjoyed the game even though it looks as if the negatives outweighed the positives.


Product Rating: 10


Product Summary


From: R&R Games

Type of Game:  Board Game, Dexterity

Game Design:  Jeff Glickman

Editing by:  Frank DiLorenzo

Graphic Design:  Jenn Vargas

Retail Price: $15.95 (US)

Number of Players:  2-4 players

Player Ages:  14 and older*

Play time: 10 minutes


*Adult supervision recommended if game is played with small children in the house or persons of any age that are prone to placing small objects in mouth.