We have waited about as long as we can to make an announcement and it may bite us in the behind saying it now however…

MACE West will be proceeding forward.

As with MACE, it will be smaller, but the plan is to see it through. The dates are Feb. 26-28th at the DoubleTree in Asheville.

Masks will be required and we will have limited numbers of tables in each room.

And like at MACE, there will be no at the door registrations. This will be a pre-reg only event – the convention and gaming.

We will continue to watch for updates and changes by Gov. Cooper and keep folks notified. So if you would like to run, let us know.

MACE West 2021

February 26-28 2021
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE 2020 COVID Update

Here is some updated info on MACE. We are still in a state of planning, but with the news from Governor Cooper, we can now offer more people the opportunity to attend. Please take a moment to read. If you have not registered to play, please do so. If you have not signed up to run, please do so. And make your room reservation. We need you to do this so that we have a good idea of number. MACE will be pre-reg (both as an attendee and for games) only this year, so please make your plans as soon as you can. I hope you will be able to attend. i am looking forward to seeing all of you. If you have any questions, please ask.


AttendanceLimited to 300

All attendees will be pre-registered.   There will still be no walk-up registrations.   The Attendee List includes GMs, Dealers, Players and Staff.

Gaming Registration

Games will be pre-registered for in OGRe.   We may have some Play to Win or Open Tables, but a lot will depend on how many people register, if any games are sent, and what tables we can have open.   To keep away from bunching up and to create the social distance, we will have posters in several locations showing what games are being played in specific rooms.


The new room numbers have opened it for more dealers to be allowed in.  I will limit it to 2 rooms of 10 dealers.  But this will give us more room for these guys to show their wares.

Table Sizes and Players

We will use mostly rounds, but will have some 6’ tables in use.    Each table will only accommodate 5 chairs (1 GM and 4 Players).  Some rooms will be for RPGs and some will be for Board Games.    There will be a max of 5 tables per room.


There may be a limit on the number of GMs we can have as well as more restrictions on the type of games we can run.  We need to make sure that the games being run are games that will fill so that we do not have empty tables.

Game Slots and Time

We are still looking at 2 options for gaming this year.    We have the possibility of starting games on Thursday night.    All games would need to end at midnight to give the hotel crew time to clean each room.  A decision on this will be made soon.   In order to add the Thursday night games, we need enough GMs to fill those and the regular slots.

OPTION 1: 1 slot on Thursday, 3 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.   

OPTION 2: the more traditional, 2 on Friday, 3 On Saturday and 2 on Sunday.    


We will not be setting up the Grinning Goblin this year.   There are many restaurants close by and we will have breaks between slots.   I wish we could set it up, but health and safety reasons, we have decided not to this year.


Masks will be required this year.   I will see if the hotel as something about its policy on MASKS.  What they say is what we do.

This is still a work in progress and may change as we have more information.


I am later than I wanted to be in getting this info out, but those of you who know me would expect no less.

For CLUB MACE, here are links to the 2 places we are exploring at the moment. I am working on pricing that includes 3 excursions and 1 special dinner. The idea currently is for a 7-8 day event. For now, you can look at the spots we have in mind. Depending on the number of people who want to go, one or both of these choices may not work. But this will give you a good idea of the direction I am going and what I would like to do. The excursions include, The Blarney Castle, The Cliffs of Moher and a visit to a distillery. Here are the links for the lodgings.

Ballybur is in the Republic of Ireland with room for 24 and Lisheen is in the Republic of Ireland room for 14.

Soon, I will be asking for a $50 deposit per person to get some final estimates of interest. Once I have an idea of who will be going, we can start working on costs, travel, etc. Based on the 2 locations, the price with Lodging and excursions (no air travel or food included at this point) we are estimating between $1200 and $1800 per person.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest and patience. I will have more information on location and prices soon.

MACE 2018: Special Guest The Crafting Muse

We are pleased to announce we will be having a very special guest at MACE this year for all you crafting guys and gals. No, we are not talking about DM Scotty, Scotty McFarland. He will be at MACE and is VERY SPECIAL, of course.  However …

…drumroll please…

We would also like to welcome The Crafting Muse to MACE.

We are excited to have her join us this year. Now stay tuned for other announcements about contests and the like. More info will be coming!

MACE 2018

November 09-11 2018
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE 2017: Special Guest, DM Scotty!

I am EXCITED to announce that MACE will host DM SCOTTY” Scotty McFarland, host of the DM’s Craft  this year.

We are working on activities, contests and more. So stay tuned and spread the word. For more information on MACE, please visit our website or stay tuned on FaceBook!

MACE 2017

November 10-12 2017
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE West 2018 Dates! Big Change!

BIG NEWS!!! or not. Based on the responses from you guys and the willingness to work on dates from ShushCon and CafCon, MACE West will be moving dates in 2018.

Our new dates will be March 9-11, 2018.

I am working on the contract now and hope to have more info soon. I know the room rate is going down some, just not sure how much yet. This move will also give Stephanie and Ron their Anniversary back. So win-win all the way around!


MACE 2016: The Numbers are IN!

All the bills are in and we have a number for attendance…….709 is what I have been given by my lovely assistant and wife. We did not see any big growth (last year was 702), but we did have several new people and many folks came back after missing a year or more. I thank you for joining us at MACE this year and helping us to celebrate our 20th.

Please pay attention for future events. I am working on a date for mini-mace, we have MACE West in March and the we hit MACE again in November.  And do not forget Club MACE, join us on the High Seas for some fun , food and frivolity

You can also see us running games at ConCarolinas and Congregate this summer.  Thanks Again!

Club MACE 2017 NEWS!

WHAT: Club MACE Gaming Cruise.

WHEN: July 2nd – 8th, 2017

WHERE: Port Canaveral, FL

We will be travelling to Nassau, Grand Turks and Amber Cove on a 6 day tour. During the trip, we will have opportunity to play games and experience the boat. We will be travelling on the Carnival MAGIC. It is a larger ship than we have had in the past with more to do and more food tor try. Based on 2 people in a cabin you can expect to pay from $910 per person for interior cabins to $1250 per person for a balcony. Their are other options such as suites also. And if you have additional people in the room, the price per person drops.

An a average day for us on the ship: Wake up, eat breakfast, play some games or sit by the pool, eat lunch, plays some games/pool eat at the early dinner seating and then play some more games. And of course snack all the time we play games.

For more information on pricing, please contact with Outlander Travel.

We plan on having some great excursions on the trip and will post more as we go. You can hold a reservation or go ahead and book your room. I am already working on mine.

I look forward to travelling with you guys again.

If you are interested in attending Club MACE 2017, send email direct to Outlander Travel via the form below.

MACE East Wilmington campaign suspended

Good Day,

MACE East 2016 was a blast and I appreciate your support. As much as I do not want to do this, we will not be running a MACE East for 2017. I have not been able to find a venue that works for every aspect of the event.

I love the Hilton, its growth potential and its proximity to the Battleship, but as you can recall, parking was an issue. And to make matters worse, Wilmington is demolishing the deck across the street from the hotel. This just amplifies the parking issue. I have discovered that Wilmington is an expensive city to host an event. We work to keep your costs down so that it is affordable to come to a MACE event. And that is the main reason for the decision to cancel. I cannot expect my attendees to pay $30 for parking, walk 2 or more blocks to get back to the hotel and a higher room rate.

I have only had to cancel a few events over the years and it pains me to do so. My goal is to find a venue that is affordable and large enough for us to grow. It may not be in Wilmington, but I am searching all the areas along the coast to see what is available. We are still looking for other possibilities, but nothing has panned out so far.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. We are open to ideas. MACE East may not happen this year, but it is still an event we want to continue. I hope you will visit us for our 20th Anniversary MACE in Charlotte this year.