Bite Me! Wereblooded

Bite Me! Wereblooded

From: Misfit Studios

Reviewed by: Joseph Martin

Bite Me! Wereblooded is a new RPG supplement from Misfit Studios.

 Wereblooded is a part of a larger project. This project, Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes is scheduled to be out in 2014. This is both a preview of and an addition to that work.

 From page 3: “ Wereblooded are the children of man and nature, the liminal race combining the savagery of the animal world and the first days of the civilized races.”

 Wereblooded are a cross between humanity and lycanthrope. In this product wereblooded are a unique race.  I believe the author leaves the details on how they came to be for you to decide in your campaign.

 While many gamers think lycanthropes are ‘cool,’ playing one as your character race is difficult due to their natural power. A party full of werewolves, all with character classes are going to both overpower enemies much tougher than them on paper and be unplayable for a day or two every in-game month, not to mention the pure evil uncontrollable rage and such for most types. Making a cross between humans and lycanthropes is a solution to both of these problems. Wereblooded gives you all the information a player needs to make a character and referees need to include them in their campaign. The Monstrous Wereblooded section gives more options to do so, albeit at a higher power level for players.

 The base type of lycanthropy involved is divided into three clans. Felis, Lupus and Usrus. This covers pretty much all of the ‘standard’ lycanthropes. All of the standard race information is presented including rules on sub types, alternate traits and favored class information. Sample NPC’s are given, but only for two of the Monstrous Wereblooded. The art is well done and production values are good. A new ‘were-inspired’ Incantation is given as something extra.

 In conclusion, Wereblooded is an informative and well-done product. While giving samples of standard Wereblooded characters would have made it feel more complete, it is very useable without them.  It is a short product for five bucks but considering the writing quality and production values it is worth it. The completed Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes and the Spirosblaak campaign setting will be better for the addition.

 For more details on Misfit Studios and their new RPG supplement “Bite Me: Wereblooded” check them out at their website


Codex Rating: 15


Product Summary

Bite Me! Wereblooded

From: Misfit Studios

Type of Game: RPG supplement

Written by: Ben McFarland

Developed by: Mike Welham and Christina Stiles

Cover Art by: Rick Hershey

Additional Art by: Peter Bradley and Jacob Blackmon

Number of Pages: 22

Retail Price: $ 4.99 (US)

Item Number: MIS0014




Reviewed by: Joseph Martin