Catan Dice Game

From:  Mayfair Games
Reviewed by:  Ron McClung

Catan Dice Game is a new Dice Game from Mayfair Games.

Nothing can compare to the popularity of Settlers of Catan within the board gamers of the world.  It is no wonder Mayfair has tried to capitalize on its popularity by expanding on it and giving you new ways to enjoy the now established Catan game-verse.

From the cover: “ Roll, Play, Settle ”

Players are handed a player’s sheet that has the game map, which is a simplified version of the island of Catan.  On this Map, there are symbols for roads, settlements, cities and knights.  As you build, you mark the corresponding symbol.  The winner is the player with the most points gained from building.  Play ends after 15 turns.

The game revolves around the dice.  They are wooden six-sided dice with embossed symbols of the different resources in the game – brick, lumber, wool, grain, ore, and gold.  In a turn, a player rolls the dice up to three times, attempting to accumulate resources to build something on Catan.  Everyone starts in the same place – the starting road – and follows along a path, building along the way.  There are very specific rules to what can be built where and each item requires specific resources, which is depicted in a reference chart on the player’s sheet.

When the dice are rolled, the player can set aside dice to allocate the recourse to build something.  As he continues to roll, he can set more aside or pick up dice he previously allocated in an attempt to get the resources he needs.  If the player is able, he can build more than one thing.  Once he is done, the player counts his score.  Each item built has a points value on the map, and he total is placed in the score chart.  If the player was unable to build anything, he places an X in that box (which is worth -2 points).

Roads must be built next to existing roads.  Settlements, Cities and Knights all must be built in sequence of their point value.  So there is a fairly specific path one must take along the island while you build.

There are two special aspects to the game – Resource Joker and Gold Trade.  For every knight you build, you can use the resource depicted on the sheet below that Knight, once per game, as a substitute.  You do this by turning the die you want to change to the resource you want and marking out the Resource Joker on the Map.  Gold Trade can be used if one rolls 2 gold symbols on the die.  These gold can be exchanged for a resource of your choice.

After 15 turns have been taken by all players, the score chart will be filled in.  These are added up (remembering that ‘X’s are -2 points) and the person with the highest score wins

In conclusion, those that like the classic game of Settlers will like this simplified version of it.  It is easy to play and can be played anywhere and with anyone.  This game reminds me of a game my wife taught me, called Sorry Charlie.  There is a lot of luck in this game, all revolving around the dice and how much you are willing to risk on that last role (much like Sorry Charlie).

For more details on Mayfair Games and their new Dice Game “Catan Dice Game” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Catan Dice Game

From: Mayfair Games

Type of Game: Dice Game

Game Design by: Klaus Teuber

Developed by: Klaus Teuber

Cover Art by: Tanja Donner, Harald Lieske, Volkan Baga

Number of Pages: 6 page folding rulebook

Game Components Included: Type List of Items

  • 6 colorful, embossed wooden dice
  • pad of Catan maps with scoring tracks
  • rules