Emberbright Character Generation Guide

Here are are guidelines for creating your own characters for the Emberbright Living Campaign D&D 5e adventures. First, a reminder that this is a trial of home-brew characters so the rules may change between conventions and characters made during these beta phases may not be cannon after we finalize the rules. So please do not get too attached to these first characters. On to the nitty gritty.

1. Characters will be made using the 27 point buy method. Normal restrictions in the Players Handbook apply.

2. You must take the Class/Background packages for starting equipment. No Substitutions at this time.

3. The races currently allowed are Human (and the variant Human), Elf (High and Wood elves only), Igni (Rules here), Forged (Rules here) and Dwarves.

4. All classes in the Players Handbook are allowed at this time.

5. All characters will need to be emailed to me by Nov. 1st. Once submitted and approved no changes will be allowed. Email them to me at You have not entered an email address for this shortcode.  with the subject ‘Emberbright Character Submission’ and once I look it over I will reply with approved or any corrections needed questions/clarifications.

That should cover it for now. If you have any questions please feel free to email me with Emberbright in the subject and I will reply as quickly as I can and if needed I will update this with corrections and adjustments.

I look forward to you testing my module designs with your creations.