B-Movie inspirations

What is “B-Movie inspirations”? It is one part movie review and one part RPG game master idea seeds. Many of my ideas have come from cheesy movies that I somehow find time to watch. I decided to start writing theses ideas down in reviews geared towards RPG game masters like myself. In some ways, this is me watching these horrible movies and drawing the ideas from them, so you don’t have to.

When I first started this idea of watching B-movies as inspirations for GMing, I knew there were bad movies that I would get nothing out of or at least struggle with. Well, this movie is one of them, I suppose, but not because it is bad. It! is a story that has since been told in many ways, ...
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In his over 50 years of film making, Roger Corman has to be one of the best sources for an RPG game master for inspiration. Any good GM that is also a B-movie fan should know who he is and have seen at least one of his movies. Forbidden World is not one of his best but it has some ...
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