Caveman Curling

From: Gryphon Games

Reviewed by: Barry Lewis

I have to admit I’ve grown fonder of dexterity games, or as my two year old calls them “flicky games.”  Maybe it’s that I find them more enjoyable to play or maybe it’s that I have no real grasp of tactics or strategy for other games, but regardless games such as Crokinole and Pitch Car grace my gaming table on a regular basis.  So when I came across the game Caveman Curling in a hobby industry magazine, I shouted “Huzzah!  It must be mine!”  Of course I shouted this in my head since the kids were asleep and my girlfriend already thinks I’m one stiff breeze away from being institutionalized.  Sorry.  I digress.

When you open the game up the first thing you’ll notice about the game is the “board” itself.  The board is not a board, but a sheet of paper-like material called “Tyvek,” which makes it very durable, allows it to roll up for easy storage, and the discs slide well on it.  You’re now probably asking yourself “If it rolls up then how do you keep it flat when you play?”  Well that’s a very good question and one that was answered by the designers very ingeniously.  Provided in the game are two weighted magnetic pieces of wood called “slammers” which clamp at either end of the board helping it to lie flat.  What you’ll also notice about the board is the art.  I always find something new that makes me laugh.  It’s fun and very busy.   It’s kind of like a prehistoric “Where’s Waldo.”

Caveman Curling is a light game that only takes about 15-30 minutes to play and is very easy to learn.  Basically, you and your opponent will take turns flicking your discs or “stones” down the ice and the closest stones to the center will gain points at the end of the round.  First player to 6 points wins.  If the round ends and no one has reached 6 points, then a new round begins. Sounds simple and it is, but included in the game are two usable special items that can make for a very strategic game.  These two items are hammers and totems.  Each player get 2 totems and 6 hammers to use each round.  The hammers come in two sizes, short and long, and are used to reposition your stone closer to the center depending on where the stone stops.  You can also use the hammers to place your stones in the way of your opponent, effectively “screening” your opponent from having a clear shot to the center.  I like this strategy and use it frequently.  The totems are used by placing them on top of the stones and are used to protect them.  If a totem is ever hit and knocked off a stone the player whom owns that stone may re-shoot it at the end of the round or if the stone happens to slide into a better position that player may choose to leave it there.  Also, in case you’re wondering, there’s no rule that says you can’t knock your own totem off your stone for a re-shoot at the end of the round.  Also, you cannot use a hammer and totem together on one shot.  Either use one or the other.

The game states 2 to 6 players, but it seems to works best with 2 players.  The age recommendation states 7 to adult, but it may be played by slightly younger players.  The only real problem that I’ve encountered is that the board can slide a bit when you’re playing, but that can be fixed, supposedly, by attaching felt pads to the bottom of the slammers or just holding the board at the shooting end with your other hand to keep it from moving.   That’s what I do and it seems to work.  Overall this game has a lot of replay value and will continue to make it to my gaming table for a long time to come.  If you’re a fan of dexterity games definitely give Caveman Curling a flick.


Codex Rating:   12


Product Summary

Caveman Curling

From: Gryphon Games

Type of Game: Board Game, Dexterity

Game Design by: Daniel Quodbach

Cover and Additional Art by: Bony le Ludonaute

Retail Price: $ 49.99(US)

Number of Players: 2-6

Player Ages: 7 to Adult

Play Time: 15-30 minutes



Reviewed by: Barry Lewis