ConCarolinas Game Master Instructions

This post is for anyone that is in some fashion or another, involved in volunteering or running events at a JustUs client event – ConCarolinas.   If you are not involved in running games, volunteering for either game registration or game library or something along those lines, this information does not apply to you.  Much of this information applies to both Organized Play (PFS, D&D AL, SRM) and regular gaming GMs, so please read!

Registering for the con

If you are a GM (and your games are on the schedule) or a volunteer (and you have been a assigned a volunteer schedule), you are registered for the con.  See GM check-in/Badges on how to pick up you badge.

Check your OGRe Schedule

If you have not already, please be sure to check out OGRe for your schedule.  Go to and log in there.  If you are a GM, you have an account ( either you made it or I made it for you) and it is activated.  Volunteer Schedules will also appear on the OGRe schedule by clicking the My Schedule button.

It would be advisable to print your schedule as well as your player list.  The closer to the convention you can print these, the more accurate they will be as change will happen all the way up to the convention and during.  Use the Download tab to download these PDFs

GM Check-in/Badges

For ConCarolinas, things may be a little different from our MACE events.  Badges may be obtained in multiple ways, depending on role with the convention.  If your role with the con is more than just gaming, then I suggest you follow the instructions provided by the Con Committee to obtain your badge – this includes guests, dealers, and staff.

All GMs must check-in with Gaming Registration as soon as you get in.  You will sign in and pick up your badge at Gaming Registration.  Follow the signs for Gaming Registration.  It’s usually the first thing you see.  We will need to know your name and the fact that you are a GM.  So approaching the table saying “I am a GM and I would like my badge please” is an ideal start to our conversation :-).  And be sure to say that with a smile 🙂

The badges will have your GM schedule on the back.  Changes to your schedule made during the week before the con will not be reflected because I need at least a week to print and ready everything.

Game Registration Tickets


We use a game pre-registration tickets system.  Players can print out their tickets online.  We no longer pre-print the tickets to pick them up.  These basically represent your reservation for a seat at a particular game you are registered to play.  All players will have tickets as well.

As a GM for a game, you have three requirements…

  •  Do not allow a player sit at your table without a current Convention event badge.  I will be walking through every session in each room doing badge checks.  Please help us be as diligent as possible about this.
  • Always give ticket holding players the priority.  This rule can be overridden by the gaming coordinator or the organized play coordinator.
  •  GMs should allow 5 to 10 minutes for people to show up, however.  If players that registered don’t show up in that allotted time, you are allowed to give the seats to anyone else.  Ticket holding alternates get the priority.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for running games for us and for all your hard work in that effort.  I look forward to seeing you at our next event.