Clint Black, 2012 ENnie Award winner!

MACE 2012 Interview

Hello, Clint and congratulations for your Gold ENnie Award for Best Game for Savage Worlds Deluxe (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)!

Tell us a little about this project and your role in it.

CB: With Savage Worlds Deluxe we really were just expanding on the existing successful system with a few minor tweaks and adjustments added in. As the Core Rules Brand Manager for Savage Worlds, I worked with Shane Hensley (the creator of Savage Worlds) on writing and refining the material we added along with the changes that were made.

How many nominations is this for you? How many ENnies wins is this for you?

CB: For me personally, this makes three nominations and two wins. Last year, Space 1889: Red Sands was nominated in two categories and won the Silver for Best Supplement. Pinnacle has (I believe) been nominated every year we’ve submitted going back to 2004 when 50 Fathoms won the Silver for Best Non-d20
Supplement and Evernight got an Honorable Mention in the same category. Low Life was nominated for Best Art in 2006, and The Savage World of Solomon Kane won the Silver for Best Production Values in 2008.

What do you think made this product stand out from the rest?

CB: If we had an advantage, I’d guess it was longevity. Savage Worlds has been around for nine years and has a larger following, especially worldwide, than many realize. Given that the ENnies are voted on by fans all over the  world, that helps us. I think it might have also helped that we weren’t providing one specific type of game experience, but a set of core rules that could be adapted to many different kinds of games.

What is next on your plate for this product line?

CB: I will likely start finalizing work on the Hell On Earth Reloaded companion. We had early release copies of Hell on Earth Reloaded, the post-apocalyptic future of Deadlands, at Gen Con and were completely sold out by Saturday morning, so I expect to see a push towards that setting. And of course, I will be assisting with Deadlands Noir, our amazingly successful Kickstarter setting.

What future work of yours do you think will be in the next ENnie nomination list?

CB: Well, we’ve already submitted The Last Sons, a Deadlands Plot Point Campaign book, for next year, and I did some minor assistance on that, but I’m hoping that Hell On Earth Reloaded is really going to strike a chord with the fans. And while it isn’t my work, I definitely think it’s going to be a contender for best cover art; Carmen did an incredible job. You can see her awesome cover in wallpaper form here…

How does it feel to be recognized by the fans by winning this ENnie?

CB: The terms “flustered, flattered, and incredibly appreciative” come to mind. Savage Worlds fans have always been absolutely amazing, and I’m humbled just when anyone asks me to sign a book, but this is an order of magnitude beyond that. Right now, it makes me want to jump back in and hopefully make even more savage worlds for people to play in and enjoy!.

Again congratulations and we look forward to seeing more great work by you!

CB: Thanks, and I’m looking forward to MACE!