ConCarolinas 2017 Gaming Preregistration is OPEN!

Gaming Registration Open

ConCarolinas 2017 Gaming Preregistration is open.  This is possible on the site we at JustUs Productions affectionately call OGRe – Online Gaming REgistration.  Anyone that registers for the convention first may now register for games (once their account is activated).

How do I register for games?

First you must be registered for the convention.  Go here to do that and register using the JustUs Productions Gamer Rate.

Once you have done that, be sure you have an OGRe account.  You can do that by going to OGRe and making an account.  It will be inactive at first.

With the cooperation of ConCarolinas Registration department, we have figured out a way to import their registration data into OGRe.  This data is only used to verify registration and enable the activation function in OGRe. Each user now has an activation code and it can be retrieved via the Activation Code retrieval system in OGRe. Just enter in the email address you provided for that individual and it will send an activation code to that email address.

The import is a manual process to occurs weekly so if you registered for ConCarolinas and the system can not find your code, it may not have imported yet.  If you have problems or wish to have your account manually activated,  contact with the Subject Line “Activate OGRE account.”

Once your account is activated, you log into OGRe, click on Event Schedule in the Menu and use the browser to browser the schedule.  (click the image below)

Notice that there are advanced filter options revealed by clicking the appropriate link.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.