ConCarolinas 2017: Savage Saturday Night

JustUs Productions is proud to announce the return of Savage Saturday Night to ConCarolinas 2017,  in conjunction with Gaming Guest of Honor, Clint and Jodi Black of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  A variety of Savage World RPG settings Saturday Night! This event presents Savage Worlds in a variety of different settings, some run by a number of professional game writers the game line, including Clint Black.  SAVAGE SATURDAY NIGHT will take over the RPG room at 8 pm! A regular tradition at MACE events, we are glad to bring it to ConCarolinas once again.

Register online one OGRe (Key tag SSN).  You must be registered for ConCarolinas to participate. Be sure to register for the convention using the special JustUs Productions rate.

Games this include

Olympus Inc.Poison Drift, hosted by one of the game creators, Charles White

Rippers, hosted by Niko!

The Last Parsec hosted by Dan Smith, author of Battle for Oz.

Savage Farscape by THE Gordon Ford!

Savage Rifts Gateway to the Blue Blazes hosted by James Ivashkas Ghost Sugrue


About Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is a generic role-playing game and miniatures wargame written by Shane Lacy Hensley and published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The game emphasizes speed of play and reduced preparation over realism or detail. The game received the 2003 Origin Gamers’ Choice Award for best role-playing game.

ConCarolinas 2017

June 02-04 2017
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.