ConCarolinas 2018: Preview of The Halls of Arden Vul, a mega-dungeon

ConCarolinas 2018 will feature a preview of The Halls of Arden Vul, a megadungeon by Expeditious Retreat Press. Run by the Designer, Richard Barton, he will be running it in old school AD&D first edition.

You’ve been contacted by Calpurnia the Quiet, a well-known mage in the College of Macrina, about a special operation. Calpurnia claims to have discovered the location of the fabled Gemini Blades deep within Arden Vul, the ancient underground imperial city abandoned a millennium ago during the War of the Sortians and Theosophs. As all scholars know, the Gemini Blades were the possessions of the legendary hero-twins Thekla and Taticus, known for slaying a troll in defense of their family. Calpurnia assures you that great riches are to be found in the Twins’ tomb, and in those of neighboring Archontean nobles; all can be yours, save for the Blades themselves, which she intends to present to the Emperor as a gift. Enticed by visions of coin and magic, you’ve agreed to her offer.

Calpurnia has teleported you into one of the few known locations within the vast, empty halls of Arden Vul, and has provided you with both a sketch map of the region and a set of rough guidelines on how to find the Tomb of the Twins. She is ‘fairly certain’ that the Twins’ tomb is one of those set into the south wall of the Drowned Canyon, and ‘absolutely certain’ that it was ‘delved right next to the tomb of Phocius Tricotor’. Finding the right tomb may take some time, as many of the elites of the old empire delved their tombs into the walls of the canyon. Since Arden Vul is filled with dangers, including a dangerous tribe of trolls, she’s given you a token of recall, one that will activate from the location into which you teleported after exactly 8 hours. That means that you’ve got 8 hours to find the tomb, loot the Gemini Blades, and get out with as much loot as you can!

This scenario is designed for 1e AD&D. Pre-Gen characters (6th to 8th level) will be provided. It takes place within a small section of the Halls of Arden Vul, a megadungeon to be published by Expeditious Retreat Press in 2019.

ConCarolinas 2018

June 01-03 2018
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC