ConCarolinas 2019: Underground Theater WoD Live Action Role Play

Dark Reflections, a local group associated with the Underground Theater organization, will he hosting a classic World of Darkness (Old WoD) live action role playing game at ConCarolinas 2018.

Please see our gaming schedule through OGRe.  You must be registered for the convention to register for games. Be sure to register for the convention using the special JustUs Productions rate.

Underground Theater of Charlotte  present’s their long time running Live Action Role Play,  Dark Reflections back at ConCarolinas to bring you a world where dark creatures roam the night.

When: Friday and Saturday – 5pm to 10pm

Dark Reflection is full of mature subject matter and content. Dark humor and adult content, viewer discretion is strongly advised. Players are encouraged to dive into the game, as if they have lived hundreds of years, to breathe life into their characters so it is not just dots on a sheet.

General ST Email: .

 In a show of solidarity, the Princes of Charlotte and Greensboro have joined together to voice concerns over recent issues.  Friday night finds Charlotte hosting a Salon for visiting dignitaries, a soiree of the finest Kindred around.  Saturday night the Prince of Greensboro has called for a Regional Conclave to discuss new laws put in place by the Justicariate and whether or not they should remain.  Come together with a multitude of kindred who possess many various agendas, as they decide the future of the Camarilla. 

 Join us for a story of political backstabbing and social climbing.  Underground Theater will be hosting a 2-night LARP event at Concarolinas.  The Underground Theater Organization runs Camarilla/Anarch venue setting per the By Night Studios Vampire the Masquerade rule book. 

About Underground Theater

Underground Theater is an international LARP organization founded in late 2013. The Underground Theater chronicle is made up of troupes playing all over the United States and around the world. The focus is on telling interconnected stories in the Vampire: The Masquerade setting, using the rules found in By Night Studio’s Mind’s Eye Theater: Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook.

ConCarolinas 2019

May 31-June 02 2019
Sci-fi Carolina Style
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a Client Convention of JustUs Productions.  They have hired JustUs to run their tabletop gaming track.  Anything other questions should be directed to the Convention Committee of ConCarolinas.  See their website for more information.