MACE 2016 Featured Designer: Robert Burke

MACE 2016 is proud to have attending renowned independent board game publishers, podcasters and enthusiasts – Robert Burke.  He will be demoing and playtesting three of his new games.

  • ogre.logo20.sidemenuOverpowered Arena with Quick Simple Fun games – Fall 2016
  • Moons with Quick Simple Fun games – Fall 2016
  • Dragon Kin with Indie Boards and cards – Summer 2017

See OGRe for his specific schedule, click on Event Schedule and then Advanced Options to search on GM name.

Robert Burke is an independent board game designer from Belmont, NC. His published games include Cartoona, Cartoona: The Expansions and Gnomes: the Great Sweeping of AmmowanBattle For Souls, which pits the forces of heaven vs. the forces of hell and Draco Magi, which is co-design with Richard Launius (designer of Arkham Horror).

Be sure to check them out and what they are playing all weekend at MACE 2016