Games by Robert Burke & Stephen Avery at MACE 2015

As announced previously, the board and card gaming wizards Robert Burke and Stephen Avery will be attending MACE 2015.  they will also be bringing some of their games to demo.  Here are just a few…

Stephen Avery will have his game Nothing Personal available to demo throughout the weekend.



Robert Burke and Stephen Avery will also have Doppelganger, a hidden traitor game for 5-8 people.  Pulp Adventures is a co op adventure game slated for late 2016 by 8th Summit games. Wacky Wizards is a 30 minute party game for 4-6 due out by CMON early 2016.

Both Robert and Stephen Avery have other prototypes that they will be bringing. Be sure to catch them in the game rooms – either the main board game room or if space urns on, in the game library room.