How to Get to ReCon/mini-mace OGRe Schedule


If you want to see the schedule for ReCon/mini-mace games OR if you want to propose a game for ReCon/mini-mace, you will need to go through a few extra steps.

Current Justus Productions OGRe Schedule

OGRe is currently set up for MACE West, as it is not long after mini-mace and it is a bigger event.  So for sake of simplicity, we have left OGRe set for MACE West.  You will need to change the con view by going to the top right.

(on Mobile, this is in the hamburger menu)

When you click that, you will see this:

Select ReCon/mini-mace out of that selection.  Click OK.

Once that changes over, you will be able to see any scheduled events in Event Schedule or  Propose Games from that point as well.

Account Activation

Your account will be Inactive by default.

As most know, ReCon is a free event, so there is not activation codes needed.  To activate your account, all you need to do is clock the Inactive link shown above or the Activation option in the menu.  Click the Activation Tab.

You will then see this

Just Click the link “Click here to Activate Your Account.”  This is the auto activate options for free events.