Attend and Play

Follow these simple steps to register for the MACE event you wish and register for the games on the schedule:

Attend and Play Games
(1) Register for the event...

FOR ALL MACE events, once Registered, do the following ...
(2) Make OGRe Account (if applicable)
(3) Log in and Activate OGRe Account with a code you receive in email.
(4) Register for games on OGre. On site registration will be available and OGRe will stay open until the end of the event.


Volunteer to Run Games
IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT Register for JeffCon. Based on how much you run, you might qualify to get in free. For JeffCon events, see Volunteer Policy or GM Policy.
(1) Make OGRe Account (if applicable)
(2a) For non-organized play games,
(2b) For organized play games, contact the .
(3) Once events are accepted & scheduled, you are registered for the con as a GM. For running less than the required amount to get in free, see JeffCon GM Discounts


You want to be a Vendor/Dealer

Be a vendor or dealer
For all MACE Events
No Vendor Space