Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators Kickstarter

The Corporate Wars have ended, but the true conflict has just begun.

As the various Corporations rush to consolidate their gains, the Republic Defense Force and the Colonials square off across the face of the galaxy, ready to settle the question of how humanity will be ruled for the final time. In this era of conflict, leaders will rise and fall, alliances will be made and broken and a new order will be established. As always, the route to victory lies in your hands.

Come join the NSB Games Development Team as they join us for the kickoff of their newest expansion: “In Defiance of Dictators” for the award-winning Hull Breach LCG. Meet the Hull Breach Development Team, and enjoy a full weekend of tournaments and gaming at MACE West 2016!

The Development team is:

Daniel Auxier
Neil Remiesiewicz
Michael Ciaravella
Lynn Holiman
Todd Holiman