Important : Your OGRe Tickets


You can print your own preregistration tickets from OGRe.  To print your tickets, log into OGRe, go to Event Schedule and click  Print My Tickets.  A PDF will download in your browser.  When you arrive on time for the game, all you need is show the tickets to the GM or host  of the game to prove you signed up.  Once you have done so, you can throw the ticket away.  All the ticket is for is to prove you have a right to the priority and a seat at the table.

Since we are leaving OGRe open all the time, with no cutoff date, there is no point in time that the data remains stable enough to make it practical to print the tickets.  In other words, it has become increasingly impractical to pre-print tickets as individual schedules are constantly changing all the way up to the end of the con.  This tickets are important to show you preregistered for the games you are in. Those who preregistered get priority.  If you wish to take advantage of that priority, you will need your tickets.

This is primarily applicable non-organized play games. Organized Play (PFS and D&D AL) games handle their own registration. They are nearly 100% reliant on pre-registration. Tickets are not needed for organized play as much, unless the OP coordinator requires it.  We leave it to the individual coordinators to decide on that.

Who should print them out?

In general, I put the responsibility on the player as they are the ones that signed up for the games. The GMs has access through OGRe but it’s the players responsibility if they want priority. The GM has enough to worry about. If a dispute comes up, the GM can look it up if he needs to but not all GMs will have immediate online access.

Do I really need to print them out or can I have them on your phone/tablet?

You can download the PDF and have it on tablet or phone if you feel more comfortable doing that.  A physical copy of the printout is not necessary if you have a good alternative.