Interview with Burning Games

Burning Games is a new company whose first RPG will be Faith: The Sci-fi RPG.

To start off, tell us about yourself and your history in gaming.

We are a group of friends who have been playing all kinds of games since we were twelve. We have always talked about making games, and we have made several of them to play with our friends. Last year we decided to try to publish our first game, Faith.

Describe Faith for us in the form of an elevator pitch.

Faith is a sci-fi RPG that uses no pen and no paper. It is played with custom poker cards instead of dice. Players choose cards from their hand, thus being able to manage their luck and resources. The gear and NPCs also come in beautifully illustrated cards with all the game information needed to use them.

What works of fiction helped inspire Faith?

Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Saga, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Hyperion, Elysium, District 9 and many others.

One of the key elements of Faith is that gods are both real and actively (though not directly) involved in the affairs of their worshippers. As this is something more commonly associated with the fantasy genre, what prompted you to apply this to a science fiction setting?

We wanted our sci-fi to be as consistent with actual science as possible.  In fact, many elements from the setting are inspired by our science and engineering backgrounds and from the help of an astrophysicist from the Imperial College. However, we did want to keep the interest that comes from supernatural elements such as divine powers.

What other aspects of Faith do you believe cause it to stand out from other science fiction settings on the RPG market?

The Gods of Faith represent moral paths and reward players whose character plays accordingly – taking this theme and implementing it into the gameplay.

The universe is controlled by two species that coexist in a state of permanent cold war. Aware of the consequences a direct confrontation would bring them both, they compete for resources and try to collapse each other’s economy through fierce commerce and black ops operations.

Humanity is the underdog, a species with no society of its own, they are mercenaries and low level workers only appreciated for their physical strength and their desperation for living one day more.

If Faith proves to be successful, are there any additional supplements you would like to publish for the setting?

Indeed! We have plans to release additional gear, more powerful NPCs, rules and components for spaceships and harsh environments… However, all of that is dependent on the success of our current Kickstarter campaign.