Interview with Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games

Eloy Lasanta is owner of Third Eye Games. Their latest setting is AMP: Year One.

To start off, tell us about yourself and your history in gaming.

I’ve been gaming since 1993 (wow, that makes me feel old) and started my days with RIFTS. I was fairly loyal and played that for years (in addition to pretty much anything else Palladium put out, including Heroes Unlimited). I moved on to White Wolf games and played a lot of Kindred of the East and Changeling: The Dreaming (both under appreciated games, in my opinion). In between all of that, I’ve played a slew of other games like D&D, Hollow Earth Expedition and Fates Worse Than Death, just to name a few. I’m kind of a game-hopper, always trying to find the new game I can try and integrate into my brain and possibly carry over lessons to other games I may play.

Describe AMP: Year One for us in the form of an elevator pitch.

Sure! AMP: Year One is a ten-one supers RPG about regular people suddenly developing powers in the modern day and how they handle this change in their life. Do they continue on like nothing has happened? Do they use their powers for personal gain? Or do they attempt acts of heroism? Their new life is full of danger and hard choices.

Oh, what’s the system like? It’s simple, logical, flexible and approachable, without it having so many choices that players become deer in the headlights. All checks are reduced down to a roll of a 1d20 + a combination of Skills and other modifiers against a Target Number, meet or beat to succeed. Easy to learn and implement and great for new players or those new to supers RPGs.

What works of fiction helped inspire AMP: Year One?

I’d be remise if I didn’t mention X-men, first and foremost. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the movies, cartoons or comics, X-Men is a huge influence on the feel and ideas of AMP: Year One. People with powers that make them feel like freaks (and sometimes turn them into them) and the danger of letting anyone find out what you truly are are two ideas that resonate a lot within our setting. A couple of other obvious influences are both Heroes, by Tim Kring, and Alphas, by Zak Penn, who I bet were also influenced by X-Men. The movie Push, starring Chris Evans, was another that really influences how the world was setup and how AMPs relate to each other.

What aspects of AMP: Year One do you believe cause it to stand out from other supers settings on the RPG market?

I think one thing that makes AMP: Year One stand out is how rooted it is. There aren’t any alien invasions or robots around every corner. It’s more about how AMP’s relate to each other in a harsh world, as well as the very real threat of humanity. Some may think “but an AMP has superpowers and they can beat up anyone,” but that becomes less the case when mob rule sets in. Humans are scary.

It is also very much about the existence of new beings with powers today. Not based in a world where heroes and villains have run around destroying public property for decades. I think it takes wiping the slate clean and starting fresh to make something that truly stands out, and that’s what AMP: Year One does. It takes away any preconceived notions of what you thought a supers RPG should be and replaces it with a new amazing experience.

If AMP: Year One proves to be successful, are there any additional supplements you would like to publish for the setting?

I’m happy to announce that AMP: Year One has already hit it’s funding goal on Kickstarter, which is pretty amazing. Not only do we have stretch goals to make this corebook as awesome as possible, but we have a five year series planned for the AMP line. AMP: Year Two, obviously following Year One. Each one introduces a new piece of the continuing story, additional powers and character options, and a slew of fun! AMP: Year Two is already in development as we speak.