JeffCon 2022: OGRE8 Released

OGRE8 Is officially rolled out. This is the newest and final version of OGRe. We had enough issues with it at MACE West that I had to get back into the code and upgrade it from the ground up. For those techies – it is upgraded to CodeIgniter 4, Bootstrap 5, the latest stable release of PHP and JQuery. There may be still a few bugs. Please report them to me. It was a significant overhaul.

I also enhanced it in a few places, primarily where Activation is concerned. Despite what some of the old FAQ or About OGRe text might say (I am still cleaning that up), Activation Code are no longer a thing. Some of you got some recently and those you don’t need. I ran a process to makes sure those accounts are activated. Any after this will be automatically activated (and created if applicable) if you place the correct email address in the registration page. Please place unique email addresses for each individual as it is the account identifier.

If you do not see your account activated once you register for the con, let me know. I will be monitoring.

All game proposals that have been submitted thus far as still in the system. I can now start the schedule now that OGRe is “working

JeffCon 2022

November 11-13, 2022

JeffCon, a tabletop gaming tribute to MACE and Jeff Smith

Hilton Charlotte University Place

Charlotte, NC