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JustUs Productions, the business organization behind MACE and mini-mace, is a company born of a love of a hobby. It is a business owned by Jeff and Karen Smith. Since 1996, Justus has been involved in running gaming events in the Carolinas, from ROC 96.5 to MACE.  We at Justus Productions pride ourselves in presenting our attendees with the best gaming events the Carolinas have to offer. Our events are about one thing – our attendees having fun.

Crew & Staff

Justus Productions is brought to you by:

Jeff Smith - Con Manager, Dealer Manager, and Founder and owner of JustUs Productions


Karen Smith - Financial and Convention Registration Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

JustUs & JustUs Events

How do I register for a JustUs MACE Event?

Registering depends on your level of participation.  There are two basic levels of participation:  Attendee and Volunteer.  Attendees intend on simply playing games and taking full advantage of the fun we have to offer.  Volunteers are usually Game Masters, Tournament Directors, Event Coordinators or Story Tellers.  We may have other opportunities for volunteering depending on the event (Game Registration, Game Library or Kid’s Program at some events).  Contact us to find out if these other opportunities are available at the MACE Event in question.


For simplicity, JustUs Productions uses PayPal to register for our events. You do not need a PayPal account but you do need a credit card or debit card.  If you have neither, you can mail in  a check or money order using the mail in form or wait until the first day of the event to register on site.

Three Basic steps… Register for the con, Activate OGRe account, Register for games.  It’s as user friendly as it is going to get if you know what you are looking for. The primary link that will get to anywhere you need to go is….

This is considered the Main JustUs web site.

Select one of the MACE Events under the navigation menu. Then the MACE events Registration page. Alternatively, if you access the MACE events home page, there is a menu bar just below the event days where you can click Register.  Use the links and buttons there to buy your registration.

Once you have registered for the con, you will get an activation code that will allow you to access to registering for games on OGRe.  OGRe is accessible from the same link above on the navigation menu or it is access from the direct link

The Main web site is accessible from OGRe as well, in the upper left hand corner of the menu, where you can see the con name.

Volunteers/Game Masters

We use the term Game Master or GM to represent all those running game events at any of our MACE events.  These include Game Masters, Tournament Directors, Event Coordinators or Story Tellers.  See the MACE events GM Policy for information and Volunteer Policy for information on that.  This can be found under the events Information link under the navigation Menu.

To be a GM, it is fairly simple: Go to OGRe, and make an account.  Once logged in, Propose an Event or Events. Once your proposals are accepted and on the schedule, you are registered as a GM and will pick up your GM badge at gaming registration on site.

Do not register for the con first if your intent is to get into the MACE event free.  You can propose game events any time for a MACE event through OGRe and if accepted and scheduled, you are considered registered as a GM. Once your games are scheduled, your OGRe account will be activated automatically.

Is Justus Productions available to run gaming for other events outside Justus events?

The short answer is a qualified yes. If we can fit the event in our busy schedule, we might be able to arrange it. We also like to steer clear from any weekend too close to a Justus event.

Who do I contact at Justus Productions if I have any business related questions about Justus, it’s events, or inquire about running gaming at my event, etc?

Click here to contact if you have any business related questions

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the gaming schedule or running games at a MACE or another Justus event?

Click here to contact if you have any business related questions

Click here for the MACE Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the MACE West FAQ.

Click Here for mini-mace information

Click Here for micro-mace information


Whether we run a silent auction or a live auction, Justus Productions raises money for charity. Here is a list of charities that JustUs Productions has raied money for at our MACE events

  • The Reading Connection, an adult literacy organization,
  • The North Carolina Zoo
  • The Bread Basket, a food bank
  • Brenner’s Children’s Hospital
  • Victory Junction Gang Camp
  • Open Door Ministries, a local Food Bank, Homeless Shelter & Emergency Services organization
  • Weslyan Education Center

These organizations and others that we hope to help need your support. The charities do change based on needs.