So you want to be a MACE GM?

We seek Game Masters/Touranment Director/Event Coordiantors/Judge (hereafter GM) for any RPGs, CCGs, board game and miniature/war game and anything in between. Our events (cons or games days) place no immediate limitations on the types of games we accept.  We reserve the right to reject any games proposed, however.  If you want to be a GM, please contact .

If you wish to be a GM, use the OGRe system to make a game proposal. You do not have to register for the event to make a game proposal. Also, email us to insure we received your proposals.

Important information includes: Name, Game you want to run, Schedule limitations, When you plan to arrive at the Con, Any other important information about your game we might need to know, like prizes will be provided or a fee is required.

As a GM, you DO NOT have to register for the event. Once your games are accepted and scheduled, you are registered for the event as a GM.

The Rule of 3

GMs that run 3 or more sessions get in free (based on a standard 4 hour slot time). If you run less, you get a discount.

Check our Volunteer Policy here for specifics on hours and discounts.

Contact the  for more information about our requirements or discounts.

General Information

RULE #1: The primary focus of this convention is to: Have Fun, Try new things, Learn, Share, Grow and Play.

RULE #2:  If you have any questions, refer to Rule #1

Proposing Games and Scheduling

{New Proposal system under development.  Phasing out OGRe}

GMs can pick their event time slot. When selecting a time slot, please list your 1st and 2nd choice. There may not be space for your event in your first choice and so it may have to be moved. You will be contacted via e-mail if we can not accommodate you.

Use Gaming Proposal Form (in OGRe) to request games

In most cases, it is preferred to schedule games according to the Default Slot Schedule.

The schedule is very flexible. Some games may have shorter slots. If so, just remember to get in free, you must have at least 12 hours as a GM on your schedule. Work out any special schedules with the Gaming Coordinator.

Convention Badge

It’s important to the Convention that ALL PLAYERS playing on your game HAVE A VALID CONVENTION BADGE. It’s up to the GM to check for badges of all players.

GM Requirements

You must BE PREPARED TO RUN your event prior to arriving.

  • RPGs: Enough pre-generated characters for each player and necessary materials for those characters. RPG GMs must be prepared to run with 6 players unless previously arranged. NO CHARACTER GENERATION at the table!
  • Board Game/Card Game: If the table fills during preregistration, the GM must be prepared to “marshal” the game and not actually play.  This is not required but the priority must be given to paid attendees.  If that means the GM must sit out and guide the game, than that is preferred then the alternative which is turning away attendees that have paid to come play games.
  • Miniature Games/War Games: For demonstration (demo) games, it’s important enough material to demo, including enough minis for the GM and players.  This is for demo type games only.

GMs need to KNOW THE RULES of the games thoroughly in advance. DO NOT try to read and learn the rules while teaching the game.

BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! All beginners must be allowed to play. If any player refuses to play with a beginner than the refusing gamer should not be allowed to play.

KNOW THE AGES OF THE PLAYERS.  Before starting the game, a GM should survey the table to determine all the players’ ages.  Cater the game to be age appropriate and keep it family friendly for the young ones.  Most games are age appropriate for 13 and up.  For younger children under the manufacturer’s age recommendations, we recommend the parent be present.  The GM should speak to the parent (if present) of any such child and make sure they are aware of the age recommendations before  starting.

You will be required to TEACH THE RULES of the game to any and all interested gamers. NO gamers can be left out because they do not know the rules. If there are enough players for two separate games, then you may separate the beginning players into one game if so desire.  You must make any house rules that you intend to use clear to all players prior to beginning of the game.

STICK TO THE SCHEDULE!  Any changes must be approved by the Game Coordinator.

FULFILL YOUR SLOT OBLIGATION: If your game runs short (around half your obligated time slot), plan on additional sessions or games to fulfill your time slot commitment.  Also, please make sure all players are aware how long the game is going to take.

ARRIVE EARLY.  GMs should arrive early and be prepared to run as soon as players arrive.

LEAVE LEEWAY TIME FOR PLAYERS. GMs will have a five to ten minute leeway to begin their game after the listed start time.

CLEAN UP YOUR AREA.  Please clean up your table when done.  Please pick up all trash and dispose of it properly.

EVENT SHUTDOWN: Clean up will commence at closing time.  Check the con schedule for when closing time is.  All gamers must be vacated by that time.

NO PAPERWORK REQUIRED! If you would like to take notes or write down some general comments on what occurred you are more than welcome to do so.

Online Gaming Registration System GM Priority

MACE events use OGRe for its Online Gaming Registration.  GMs will have immediate access to it when it is up and running and you can submit game descriptions there.

Game Tickets

Depending on the size of the event and the complexity of the schedule, a ticket system may be used. Some events with limited/fixed seating my be required to only accept players with tickets. Only games with limited seating need to worry about the ticket system.

There are two types of tickets – pre-registration and on-site registration. Both mean the same thing – the person holding the ticket has registered for your game and has the right to a seat at your game.