Justus Productions

Each year, we at Justus Productions select an individual GM, attendee or volunteer that helps us make MACE bigger and better each year. These folks have distinguished themselves as people that we think have gone above and beyond the normal dedication that a person would have for a con like us. We sincerely appreciate their efforts and commitment each of these individuals have shown our little con.

MACE YearNameReasonsImage
2006Corey SpillisFor his contributions running demos as an MIB.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
2007Joe MasdonFor his contribution that year in the 2007 RPGA BI.
2008Kim LoveFor her help at Registrationklove
2009Clint BlackFor organizing the Savage Saturday Nightclintblack.bio
2010Heath MedlinFor his contributions to Savage Saturday Night.hmedlin
2004Rick DeSautelFor his long dedication running Harn Master RPG. RIPwarbunny
2005Greg GershowitzFor his dedication running RPGA
2011Terry CorbettFor his hard work organizing AEG events.DSC02037
2012Scott "Scooter" SmithFor his years running games above
& beyond the minimum requirement.
2013Stephanie ShinnFor her hard work in the NC Gunbunny
Warmachine related events.
2014James DosterFor all his work with No Ordinatory Gamers demo team2014-11-09
2015Tim McCraryFor his work with D&D Adventurers LeagueIMG_7382
2016Robert WoodFor his willingness to run anything
& any number of sessions.
2017Jessica Paxton
Megan Galloway
For both their contributions to MACE events
- volunteering, etc.
2018Scotty "DM Scotty" McFarlandFor being an amazing crafter
& advocate for the tabletop gaming craft.
MACE appreciation 2018
2019aMaggie Keeble
Nathan Littlefield
For their years of dedication to PFS Organized Play
2019bBill Boivin For his years of dedication to D&D AL Organized Play

2020COVIDCOVID got the MACE lack-of-appreciation