Below you can find our new Discount policy that applies universally to all our multi-day events.  We have added new options for volunteering and helping out.

Badge Type/When you plan to attend1 shift2 shifts3 shifts
Full weekend or Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun$5 off single badge$15 off single badgeFree Badge
Friday only/Sunday only$5 off day pass (paid at the door)FreeFree
Saturday only$10 off (paid at the door)FreeFree

1 shift = 2 hours in kids gaming = 3 hours of volunteering = 4 hours running gaming.

Kids gaming – This is a shift in our kids gaming track, running games or being a general volunteer in the room.  Hour of the track is based on the number of volunteers we get.

Volunteering – This is general work for the con that can be scheduled, like board game library coordinating, gaming registration volunteer, or some other general task that may not involved running specific game or event.

Running Games – Being a game master or GM, event coordinator, story teller or running a specific event on the schedule. This assume an average of 2 to 6 players per game (give or take, gaming corrdinator’s discretion).  If your event accomodates a large number of players (a live action role play, large tournament, etc), then that can be leveraged against the time to give you a better discount.  Please consult the game coordinator if your event might be considered a large event.

If you are interesting in volunteering or running games, contact the .