Legacy LARP at MACE West 2016

In 2015 at MACE West, something kind of fell in our laps that we want to share with everyone. Someone walked into our doors this past year that surprised us. His name is Ford Ivey. I hope he sounds familiar to some of you but if he does not, here is his wiki


Mr. Ivey is looking to start a new kind of LARP called Legacy, that involves a new line of tech.  MACE West will be one (perhaps the first) location for some of his demos of this technology.  We should have it at MACE West 2016.  (MACE West is heading into it’s 6th year in 2016 held of course in Asheville, North Carolina.)

Here is some preliminary information he sent us. From Ford Ivery

The Legacy system is an electronic set of equipment based on the use of smart phones designed as a means of tracking all of the information about characters in a game. The games we are concerned with are live games, such as military exercises, fantasy games….really, the same genres that are so popular in console based video games. The difference is: in these games, you take the game out of the TV and play it in real time, in real life. The equipment you wear registers all the hits, whether from a gun, sword or magic wand, tracks them and your general stats, and lets you know by various means what is going on the virtual world you are moving through. You no longer have to try and do complex math involving several statistics in your head while under pressure, being yelled at and pummeled, and generally distracted as much as it is possible to be, until you finally just give up and approximate the result that seems fair and go with it. Now, you get to let the system track all of that, and all you have to do is play the game.

The game we will be running is a basic Fantasy game with swords and magic. We will supply all the equipment (including phones) to the players for a run. We plan on 2 groups of 6-8 (depending on the space we have to run in) and can do a run as often as every half hour or so. I was at your 2015 convention, and talked a bit to the guys running it, and they suggested the courtyard as a potential space to do such a run…and that would work well, if the weather is good. If we must run inside, we can use a large open room, or even space with furniture in it. Things to hide behind are a good thing for the players.

This will be our first exposure to the general public, and feel your convention is a good fit for that. For one thing, I now live in Asheville, so we can get backup equipment and supplies easily, and my staff lives relatively close by, though I will have to get a couple of rooms for them.

This is a whole new type of tech for LARP, and I think will be a real game changer. I look forward to rolling it out at your Con.

More information will be posted as we get it.