MACE 2014 GM Call!

OK, it’s official.  I am accepting GM proposals for MACE 2014.  Jus go to and make those proposals.


MACE 2014

The Best & Most Organized Gaming Con in the Carolinas

November 07 – 09, 2014

Hilton Charlotte University Place

Charlotte, NC

We are accepting any kind of games you want to run.  We already have an L5R CCG tournament, HeroClix tournament, a Magw Wars tournament (for Wounded Warriors charity) as well as the Carolina Gun Bunnies Invitational.  Of course, we have a little change in things with the Coastal Carolina Football team coming to Charlotte but we will work around that.

The schedule is a little different this year.  I had to move things around because of the changes for the football team.  This year we are going to move the Charity Auction to 1:15 pm, Saturday, until 2:45 pm. For RPGers and other scheduled games, Slot #4 (second slot Saturday) will start at 3 pm Saturday and you can play uninterrupted after that. The various tournaments we are planning (Mage Wars, L5R, Heroclix…) will start at 3 pm.

The Warmachine event is unaffected by this schedule changed.

We are also asking for specific GMs to run Emberbright Adventure 2 in Savage Worlds, and/or Pathfinder.  Please contact me directly with the subject Emberbright if you are willing to run that.  For those that do not know, it is MACE"s own living campaign that is slowly being ironed out.

Nothing else has changed – run 3 sessions, you are in free.  If you want to volunteer at the gaming registration desk, 3 hours of that = 4 hours of GMing. Also we are looking for game library volunteers, 3 hours there is also the same as 4 hours GMing.

We are also looking for someone to head up our Kids Progra,  2 hours of that is equal to 4 hours of GMing.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ron McClung

MACE 2014