MACE 2015 Flea Market and Swap Meet

MACE 2015 is bringing back the MACE Flea Market and swap meet.  This is a very casual aspect of our convention and we leave a lot up to you and your judgement.

Sell or Trade your old gaming stuff. MACE is providing a chance for you not sell your old games and accessories like a yard sale. This is not for vendors to sell current games, or game stores to sell their old stock.  This is for regular folks to sell their old out-of-print gaming stuff. You set up your own schedule. We will just set up tables. All sales are final. No retail sales allowed here. Negotiating and bargaining are encouraged.

We are going to set up tables in the hallway outside the elevators. 4 or 5 depending on space. We are going to try and keep it as simple as possible. We did not want to make it any more complicated then it needs to be. Basically these tables are available for you to sell any old, used and/or out of print games and fandom merchandise. This is not a place for new or unopened product or a place for vendors. You can set your own schedule for when you want to sell. If there are not tables available, try again some other time. I would not recommend waiting to the last day because (1) people will have less money by then, (2) I think a lot of people are going to wait last minute.

Contact us if you have any questions.