MACE 2015: GM Thanks!

MACE 2015 has come and gone!  It was a great weekend of amazing gaming and fun.  I want to thank those Game Masters/Event Coordinators/Tournament Directors who showed up, ran their games and helped MACE 2015 be the best MACE ever!  We don’t have any numbers yet but we know that it was a good year.  The GMs that worked so hard had a lot to do with that and it was very much appreciated.

Those that could not show due unforeseen circumstances (and let me know), I do appreciate your communication and understand the circumstances.  We got what games we could replaced or filled in.  Those we could not, the players found something else.  Communication is important to me and even if it is the day of the con (and we had several of those), I appreciate you letting me know. It did seem like real life was in rare form this year.  There were a lot who had to cancel last minute, but I understand and you are welcome to try again at our next event or next year.

However, there were several GMs that were no-shows for your scheduled games whom I never heard from you.  I would have appreciated some kind of communication that you could not make MACE.  An email, IM, Facebook message, text or note of some kind.  I realize that life happens but with games on the schedule, knowing that you can not fulfill your commitment ahead of time makes it easier for me to deal with registered players looking for alternative games.  This con is about them and if you can not fulfill your commitment to me, then I would have appreciated some kind of notification.  No-shows are not appreciated at all as it is failure to your commitment to MACE, the players that paid their way into the con and to me.  If you can not fulfill your commitment, the least you could do is tell me.

Again thank you to those that stayed committed to me and MACE this year and well as in the past.  I do sincerely appreciate your hard work and contribution to our con and the gaming community.  I Hope we see you next year.

We will be shifting the email list to MACE East 2016 fairly soon.  You are welcome to stay on because MACE 2016 is a year away and we will use it again for that.