MACE Schedule Posters & Ticket System

Many of you have used OGRe to preregister for games. Most (but not all) games require tickets for you to play – primarily those with limited seating. We will be using a ticket system for those games that need it. You can print out your Gaming Preregistration/OGRe tickets online or pick them up at Gaming Registration. These basically represent your reservation for a seat at a particular game you are registered to play.

On site, I will have registration tickets for people to use for onsite registration.  You pick any games you want to sign up for off our schedule posters or from OGRe if you have mobile access to the site.  This is what our posters will look like.


And here is a key to what they mean



Status Dot – As the key shows, these dots will give you an idea of what games are full and what games are not.  For those games that have what we call the target symbol, you will have to go to the location to determine seating status because they can not be determined by conventional means.  Organized Play games are marked with the target because they are handled by their own coordinators and muster their own tables their own way. We will attempt to update the posters as time allows with dot stickers to keep you aware of what games are still open and what games are not.

OGRe Event ID  – also known as the OGRe Event Number,  this is the sequential number given to games in OGRe.  Only games that you can sign up for and have limited seating need an ID.  You need this coupled with your own OGRE ID for fast sign up.

Seats –  Each open box is an open seat.  As they games fill, these will be marked off.  We will attempt to update the posters as time allows to keep you informed of how many seats are taken, but we ask as we approve your registration, to help us mark the seats you are taking.

Game Name and Logo – For easy reference, we grab the logo and name off the web to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  For Organized Play, the Scenario title appears here instead of the game name (because organized players know what game they are playing and the scenario is more important to them.)

Title – Non-organized play (aka General Play) RPG adventure titles appear here.  For Organized Play, the game system appear here.  Other game types (like board games, card games or miniatures) might have an additional descriptor here that tells you more about the format of their game, what expansions they might be using or general theme.

Host: Primary Game Master (GM), Tournament Director, Event Coordinator or Referee, it is the person in charge of this event.

Location:  Where to go to find the game.  Use the convention map to figure out what rooms are what.  We use the hotel room designations for ease of navigation and each room is clearly labelled.  If you are not familiar with the location, you will be by Friday night.  We try to keep similar games near each other but as we grow, many games have encroached on other game areas.  Don’t be surprised if you see board games alongside RPGs, or organized play games along side non-organized play games.

Time slot – Obviously the time slot for the game.  Some games might end early.  Others might go long, especially the night games.  Ask the GM if he thinks it will be short or long.  I do not know.

Ratings – At minimum, I always set a game to PG because I always feel that a parent must always be aware of what a child is playing.  Some GMs set their game to PG-## where ## is the youngest he would prefer to be in his game.  Some games or GMs are not kid friendly just because you also have adults playing.  We try to keep things as family friendly as possible, but we want the parent active in the child’s gaming life.

Tags – Finally, whatever tag we decide to slap on the game that differentiates it from others.  Explanations can be obtained if asked and if I have time, I may come up with a key, but most are self explanatory.

Changes, cancellations and additions will also be displayed on the posters.  Life happens and sometimes GMs can not show up last minute, so cancellations can happen.

We will also have tickets for you to fill out for on site registration.  Hand those to one of the volunteers behind registration and they will register you. It would help speed the registration process up for everyone if you write down or otherwise have access to your OGRe number.  Log into OGRe to get your ID number.

One major exception to this is Organized Play which is being handled by their own coordinators. Tickets are not needed in organized play unless the coordinator says so.  However, they may help you keep up with your schedule. I will have all tickets printed at the gaming registration desk.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or email me.