MACE 2016 Feature: MACE Kids

MACE 2016 is proud to have our kids program returning.  Here is the general information.

Room: Keynes

Hours: Friday 4 pm to 9 pm.  Saturday 8 am to 6 pm

There will be some kids games available on Sunday but the room will be unmonitored.

Schedule is subject to change.

Gaming and fun times for kids of all ages (All kids games are listed in OGRe with the affiliation KID.)  All children of any age may stop by with their parents at any time.  Children that are not potty trained must be accompanied by an adult for their stay in the kids program. Specifics and rules are subject to change based on volunteer staff and their availability.

Parents should plan to come get their kids to feed them Supper on Friday and Lunch/Supper on Saturday. Snacks can be left for the kids to eat, but will not be provided by MACE.    Parents are responsible for any messes their little ones make with food or drink.

For children that are able to go to the bathroom unsupervised, please let the volunteer staff know. Parents may sign their children in at the room during Kids’ Track hours.    There will be a waiver/contact form for parents to sign.

If you would like to Volunteer some time to help make the Kid’s Track great, contact JustUs Productions Kids Program Volunteer.

MACE 2016

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Ron McClung
Ron McClung

September 1, 2016 3:58 pm Reply

Contact Violet Danielle Horsley if you have any questions

Violet Danielle Horsley
Violet Danielle Horsley

September 2, 2016 4:20 am Reply

If you would like to run a kids activity or a craft, I can help scrounge up supplies and fun things. Any donations of just supplies and prizes are also awesome. Hope to have kids sign up for games and activities they would like and have their own mace experience. Please encourage them to participate in the activity at one of the stations, not just run in circles. Although I might have to make that an activity, just to get some giggles and excersize.