MACE 2016 Featured Game: Havok & Hijinks Demos

hnhcardsMACE 2016 is proud to host a Havok & Hijinks™  open demos all Saturday afternoon hosted by the creators of the game. Havok & Hijinks™ is a kickstarted game from Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski and his team at Epic Slant Games.  Havok & Hijinks™ is a family-friendly, light strategy card game featuring cute, humorous dragons competing for treasure.

About Havok & Hijinks™

You’re a young, underachieving dragon that never paid much attention to your parents or the elders. That is unfortunate because you’ve just found yourself kicked out of the nest! It seems that your folks are tired of you eyeing their hoard and want you to build your own.

To make matters worse, the parents of your friends heard about what happened.  They all agreed it was a great idea and kicked your friends out, too! Now you’re out in the world of Vallhyn and have to compete with other young dragons to be the first to build a respectable treasure hoard… even if you have to prank them to get there.

Ages: 13+

Players 2-4

Play Time: 15-30 minutes