MACE 2016 Featured GM: Robert H. Hudson

JustUs Productions is proud to announce that the talented  Robert H. Hudson will be running some games at MACE 2016.  He will be running various Hero System settings.  See OGRe for more details, using Advanced Options until his Game Master Name. See OGRe for his specific schedule, click on Event Schedule and then Advanced Options to search on GM name.ogre.logo20.sidemenu

Worlds Within Worlds

System: Space Pulp HERO/HERO 6th

Synopsis: The crew of the Stellar Patrol Ship Valorous receive a distress call from a Stellar Patrol Research Vessel in trouble. To stop a catastrophe of galactic proportions, the crew must risk everything and journey into worlds within worlds to find a way to end a disaster in the making.

The Dordogne Zodiac

System: Pulp HERO/HERO 6th

Synopsis: When they receive a strange relic as a bequest from a friend who died under mysterious circumstances, a group of adventurers find themselves drawn into an investigation – and battle – against an evil cult. Will they be in time to prevent the cult’s foul plans from reaching fruition?

Queen’s Quest

System: Fantasy HERO/HERO 6th

Synopsis: A group of adventurers are approached with a desperate plea to help free an imprisoned Queen. Can they accomplish the mission and free her before it is too late and she’s forced to wed a wicked monarch with eyes on her people’s wealth?

Robert Hudson is a freelance writer whose work for HERO Games, in their Pulp Hero line, has been nominated for the prestigious ENNIE Award twice: Masterminds and Madmen in 2006 and Thrilling Places in 2007. Additionally, he’s written for HERO Games’ house e-magazine, Digital HERO.

A product of the early years of tabletop RPG gaming, he started in 1976 when there was only Dungeons & Dragons and hasn’t stopped since. Mundanely, he’s a reference librarian for a large Alabama-based law firm. He and his wife Mary Ann are married with dog and celebrate their sixteenth anniversary together this year.


MACE 2016

November 11-13 2016
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC