MACE 2016 Hull Breach Events Update

Here is information on the Scenarios the Hull Breach folks plan to run at the MACE 2016.  They will of course be running Hammer’s Fall, which was designed for MACE cons, but we’ll ALSO be running a NEW scenario, titled Praedonus Sector, which will showcase our new box set, In Defiance of Dictators.

Hammer’s Fall:

Commander, you have a unique opportunity, to turn disaster into profit. A large rogue asteroid cluster, designation NSB/MACE-HMR44612d, or “Hammer”, has entered the sector, and is on a collision course with the Stations in your sector, including your own. This, obviously, is suboptimal, steps must be taken. Your Captains must be careful in their efforts to move or destroy this cluster: – if it is fragmented incorrectly or diverted too far, your Station will remain at risk. On the other hand, if your offensive management is leveraged correctly, our Station will be clear… but your competitors will not be so safe. The Hammer’s coming – Get your ships out there, and make sure its fall profits US.

Praedonus Sector:

Congratulations on your new posting to the Praedonus Sector, Commander! You are one of the first  outposts of our organization to be formally created in this sector. Unfortunately, it would appear that you are NOT the first occupant.  In addition to the usual competition, there appears to be a rather substantial Pirate base in the area.  The Pirates have, however, made it known that for the right… compensation… they might be willing to assist us. Bid carefully, as we are depending on you to provide notable Capital profit in this sector .

Your tasks, then, can be stated simply: Either develop and reserve sufficient capital for victory, or remove not only your Competition, but the Pirates as well.

You have our confidence. Show us that it is well placed.