MACE 2016 Special Guest: Shane Hensley

Announced by Jeff Smith in our Facebook group today.

A Bit of GREAT NEWS!!!!! I am pleased to make this special announcement. Once again a brilliant designer, a giant in the industry and an all around great guy will be back at MACE this year. I am happy to share that his Excellency, The King of the West, the Duke of Deadlands, the Prince of Pinnacle, and mostly Clint and Jodi’s Boss….Shane Hensley will be joining us at the game table and helping us Celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Please make him feel welcome by registering to attend and throwing rose petals at his feet.

This will be Shane’s third trip to MACE.  Let’s give him a warm Carolina welcome.

Shane_HensleyAbout Shane

Shane and Michelle Hensley owned a game and comics store called Fun ‘n Games in Blacksburg, VA, while they attended school at Virginia Tech. During that time, Shane wrote for every major gaming company, including TSR, White Wolf, and West End Games, among many others.

In 1994, Shane started Pinnacle Entertainment Group, where he created the best-selling, award-winning Deadlands, Hell on Earth, Weird Wars, and later Savage Worlds and many of its settings. Since then he’s written dozens of books and several novels, and designed everything from card games to miniature games to computer games.

In 2004, Shane joined Cryptic Studios as a designer on City of Villains, the sequel to the smash-hit City of Heroes Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). Shane enjoyed several wonderful years at Cryptic before moving to Arizona to become Studio Head for Superstition Studios where he was making an MMORPG based on Deadlands.

Deadlands was unfortunately cancelled when the parent company folded, but Shane went on to create a colorful casual game called “Zombie Pirates.” He then returned to his friends at Cryptic Studios where he served as the Executive Producer of the new Dungeons & Dragons game, Neverwinter. From there he moved on to Petroglyph Games in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently the Executive Producer for End of Nations.

Shane still runs Pinnacle with the help of many talented freelancers and partners. He currently commutes weekly to Nevada but lives in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife Michelle and their two incredible sons Caden and Ronan Hensley. He has a double-BA in History and Political Science, and an MA in Special Operations & Low Intensity Conflicts.